Monday, 13 June 2016

Sunway Lagoon 2016

I went to a meeting on Monday and the very informative info I got from that meeting was, Friday will be replacement holiday. yeay another long weekend. so we started to scout where we can go just for short getaway due to the long weekend/cuti sekolah/before berpuasa.

options available (1) langkawi (2) sunway lagoon

We opted for Sunway Lagoon since it's nearby and we did not have to travel. So I started doing little "research" all the while thinking Sunway Lagoon pun nak research ke? but the tickets not that cheap, and I found there are very little current reviews/tips on Sunway Lagoon. Everybody go Legoland eh nowadays? or nobody write blog anymore.

The tickets was quite expensive. Prices as below. 

Since, this was an ad-hoc plan, I only managed to buy the tickets on Wednesday.

Our group consists of 11 Adults of which 1 is Indonesian, 1 child and 1 baby. 

The best deal that I could secure for our group is 4 To Go.

There are 12 tickets that I need to purchase. So I did a little calculation, between

(i) to buy 3 x 4 To Go package

(ii) to buy 2 x 4 To Go package + 3 adults tickets + 1 child ticket

It turned out option (i) and (ii) amounted exactly the same. However, for the 4 To Go package, I would get free RM20 meal and RM20 retail voucher. So I would like to proceed with option (ii)

Important (at least for me) info that I clarified with Sunway Lagoon Marketing prior to purchase. So I called them up. It took some time tho before somebody picks up the phone. Please improve sunway lagoon marketing team!

(a) i could buy as many package as I want and utilize them at the same time. just that if you see the t&c, it said "maximum 1 packages per transaction". yes I could buy as many as I can and utilize them at the same time. Just that i got to make 3 different transactions.

(b) my daughter who's just 5 yo could also utilize this package. because you see, the package said 4 adults, but the logic in me say, this ticket is more expansive compared to single child ticket, so it should be ok. but I call to confirm anyway. just so that I could sleep at night. oh, and yes, she can utilize the ticket in that package.

(c) my maid (from Indonesia) could also utilize the package. i'm just worried because frm the rates, you can see that there is price difference between myKad and non-myKad rates. but, yes she could utilize the package. and another fun info, apparently, there is no price difference between Malaysian and foreigner if you purchase online.

There are other on-going promotions from Sunway Lagoon, just that it did not match with our group and timing.

In short, if you see a good online deal, grab it. Or, if it's last minute, purchasing online is definitely better than walk-in.


I think we came during off peak days. There were no long queue for rides (except Vuvuzela). and there were a lots of available tables and benches. Even so, we had to queue for Vuvuzela and food! So I cannot imagine if we came during weekend, ke memang tak ramai orang pergi Sunway Lagoon nowadays?

Sunway Lagoon opening time is 10am - 6pm. We arrived around 1030am, still not that many people. I expected they have special counter for online purchase, but none. I guess because it was not that busy that day or still early in the morning.

The kids and I came in already in my swimming suit. If your swimming suit or wet attire is decent, i'd recommend just wear them straight from home. Especially to the ladies. Leceh lah datang then nak ke toilet tukar-tukar. There are 2 types of locker. 1 luggage and 1 small. The lockers can open as many time as you would like.


I recommend to keep your valuables inside the locker. and to keep your changed clothes inside there. BUT for parents with baby, bring a bag that contains the baby necessities i.e. food, drink, milk, changes cloth, towel, pampers etc all the way. Once you start walking and exploring the park, to get back to the locker would be troublesome.

Stroller would be quite useful too. But again, do not bring too many stuff around. For adults, a set of clean cloth to change into should be sufficient. For kids, maybe can bring their swimming gear.

On the topic of what to bring, I'd recommend waterproof cases. We went around KLCC to look for this and finally found it at Daiso. Extremely useful to put on your mobile phone and money.

Bring along enough cash for your meals later. You can opt for cashless transactions via putting your money inside your wristband, but since we got the vouchers, we did not know how much to estimate. Since the shops still accept cash, I just carry some cash around.

Waterproof camera would be nice too. But you need to be aware that you could not bring the waterproof cases and cameras during your rides. We leave those items with Mbak or Emak or Mama who's not interested with the rides. But I see some people still bring the waterproof cases (containing their phones) while queuing for the rides. I guess they do not have somebody to leave their belongings and if you put it inside your shirt during the rides, it is acceptable. but do not take my words in this. Better to bring nothing loose when you play the rides!

There are no soap and shampoo in the shower room. So please bring your own soap and shampoo.


Do not forget to take the map at the entrance.

Start the day with the most popular rides i.e. Vuvuzela or any other rides that you want to try first. Else, you'd waste your time queuing for the rides like we did. and we did not even have the time to go to the Amusement Park. oh well, reason why we need to go to Sunway Lagoon again i guess.

Oh, and don't keep your slipper in the locker. You'll need slipper to walk around. If not, it'll hurt walking around barefoot especially in the middle of hot days. You can leave your slipper at the rides' entrance.

Fun fact, the tubes can only be used at the beach. Each rides provided their own tubes meaning you don't have to rent the tube for any rides. In fact, tubes is not allowed at Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon and Scream Park. So unless you want to just lounge at the beach from start, there is really no point to rent the tubes from early on. and people will try to steal your tube. lol. I saw it happened in front of my eyes and it actually happened to us. I'd like to think that those people actually have no idea that we rent the tube with deposit, and we need to return the tube in order to get the deposit back.

Lunch time would be pack at the restaurants and you do not want to waste time queuing. So buy your food early, or little past lunch time.

You can play the rides until 6pm. So technically the park does not close at 6pm lahhh.


As always, there is height limit to play the ride. Husna barely passed the height limit but thank you to the staff for allowing her to play irregardless and for not allowing her to ride Vuvuzela. She cried  a bucket tho. haha.

Not sure about the rides at the Amusement Park, but the rides at the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon and Water Park, almost all the rides, you need to go in couple. So plan your group especially if you have kids that do not pass the height limit.

For us, we took turns to play the rides with Husna. yes, she played one ride two to three times. While we were playing, Hannah was with Mbak, and Emak and Mama who were too scared to go on any rides anyway.


Wah muslimah sangat ada tips untuk sembahyang.

Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon and Water Park are wet park. and I also see that some rides at Amusement Park alo wet rides. So between the rides, when you are dry, i'd recommend perform your Zohor. before it'll be too late and Zohor is ending and you dont have choice but to pray with your wet clothes. #yaAllahpleaseacceptmyprayer

The Surau is clean and adequate. However, I think we went during non-peak time. So do not quote me if it happened that the Surau is messy and pack during the time you are there.

Since we went on Friday, what worried us is that the men could not re-enter after exiting the park for their Friday Prayer. Before going, I was quite confident an exception could be given and that the men could re-enter. After all, this is Malaysia kotttt. How can you not understand the sensitivity of Friday prayer?

I asked the lady at the ticket counter when I was exchanging the internet voucher for the wristband. and she actually said "NO"...homaigod, I was digesting the info and could not even tell Hannan that. Partly because i did not trust her or I was thinking I would write a long complaint to the management if that's the case. As i was distributing the wristband, Hannan asked male worker who's checking the bag whether the men could go out and re-enter after Friday prayer, and he said "YES"..he said just ask for him before going out. oh pulakk, oh well. so, if one staff say "No" ask other staff. lol. or if the request is reasonable, ask and ask again.

That's all that I could think of to make your Sunway Lagoon experience value-for-money.