Sunday, 15 May 2016

All Well Ends Well

Alhamdulillah, after 2 months logging report to our respective credit cards, the case is closed. We were required to pay our maximum liability which is RM250.00. So so thankful and glad. Could not imagine if we had to pay all the spent by the thief.

Speaking of which, I'm yet to share how he got caught. You see, we were still at police office inside the train station. The train station is linked to malls, much like KL sentral. As the thief swiped and swiped our cards, we received sms notifications.

Yes, we received the sms notifications, while we were inside police station, while trying to call bank to cancel the card. So the policemen also got to see the sms-es. Some notifications were vague, like it just mentioned "Your credit card was charged at LA HALLES for amount of EURXXX. Please call..." La Halles is just the name of the place, however, there was this one particular sms notifications that caught their attention.

"Your credit card was charged at LA POISSONNERIE LA HALLES for amount of EUR300. Please call..."" Apparently that is a fish shop. So the policemen went to the shop. The cashier informed that, yes, someone with the description bought fish from their shop. HOWEVER, the fish that he paid was not available at that time so he will come back in the evening to get the fish. So the policemen standby by the area waiting for the thief to come back. 

Sights of policemen in Paris is not unusual. There are everywhere. So, that must have not alerted the thief at all even if he saw there were policemen outside the shop. He himself actually came back to pick up the fish. and at that time, the policemen caught him. He was carrying my passport holder at that time so that almost confirmed it.

The next day, we were taken to Paris main police station from Les Halles police station. We were taken by France police car across town. Yes, i thought about selfie, but tak terbuat pula. 

there, we were asked to identify the thief. I thot about going into room and people lining up etc, you know like in a movie, but they just showed us 4 pictures and asked us to identify. We immediately recognized which one he was. Luckily both of us had a good look at him while we were waiting for the lift, before he pick-pocketed Hannan while inside the lift.

With our identification, the France police proceeded to press charges. Hoooray, one less pickpocket off the street of Paris. and I got my passport cover back yeayyy.

So that's our "holiday"...will be taken few years off from Europe holiday I guess. Still got no mood.