Sunday, 6 March 2016

Paris Always a Good Idea


Read here if you do not know why we have to spend our Morocco holidays in Paris. 

so we decided to just to make the best of the situation and continue our #hanemoon in Paris.

Well, not like we could go anywhere else, and the flight back to Malaysia not until Sunday.

This was just after we managed to get our Emergency Certificate. 

Trivia, did you know that you could still claim VAT using your Emergency Certificate? 

Yes, I asked, confirmed and actually did that...:)

From the embassy we just walked towards Trocadero. 

The last time we were in Paris, weather was not on our side so since it was bright and sunny day, we would like to redeem our pictures.

First thing first, breakfast like a French.

Now, let's take some pictures. favourite picture of 'em all. Macam gambar honeymoon kan? :p

Also love this picture below.

Opera House in the evening.

Paris city view from Galleries La Fayette.