Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Husna's Birthday Celebration. She is 4..!!!

i am in the midst of repairing some of my old posts. somehow, some (or maybe all) pictures were not properly transferred hence cannot be viewed. as I have short span of attention, I'm also updating as we go.

This entry for Husna's birthday party that we organized on 5th december for her 4th birthday. Well, her birthday is on 6th december, but the 6th fell on sunday. i prefer to do any majlis on saturday.

2 weeks prior to that, Hannan said...

"jom buat makan-makan untuk birthday Husna.."

and thats all it took for me to arrange a little birthday parrrty for Husna.

Cake from @dwenujang, Husna chosed this design...and needless to say suddenly she's all 


rocky road brownies i.e. brownies with marshmallows . this is also from dwenujang.

how do you like my humble decoration? tehehe.

food, glorious food. courtesy of nenek (my mom) and tok (hannan's mom). Husna's mom? Air sirap bandung soda lejen. hehe. thanks for the recipes nawal!

Husna with cousin Amani and Amirah

Kasi can kat Mama Husna bergambar dengan cake.

Our little family.

Hannah and Tok (Hannan's mom)

Some of the guests, I only invited families.

Mama and Husna.

my not so little girl so happy and excited on her birthday. she declared 

"i love birthday parrrtyyyy.."

well, you better be, this might be the last one. mama capek nak buat yang lagi.

hannah's will turn ONE this 28th. and hannan kinda have plan to do her akikah cum birthday celebration. and i already have 2-3 birthday themes to choose from. decisions, decisions.