Sunday, 13 December 2015

Krabi Merdeka 2014

ala-ala throwback post, ke backdated?

for long Merdeka weekend, at last minute, we decided to go to Krabi. So last minute that Malaysia Airlines was fully booked that we resorted to AirAsia. 

I think I was pregnant with Hannah around 3 months. eh, wait maybe going to 4 months because I remember I was thinking it should be ok since I already passed the first trimester.

First Day

Took the noon flight, and arrived in the evening. We stayed at Ao Nang Beach Villa. The first night, we went to dinner around that area and booked our Island hopping trip with Barracudas Tour. It just happened that we walked past the agent's shop and they offered Halal meal so Barracudas Tour it was.

Second Day

Hong Island by Longtail Boat

"first, let me take a selfie"

A jeep pick us up from our hotel. I was quite nervous that Husna would not like to be in boat. But she did just fine. 

just before getting on the longtail boat for the first time
To board and get off the boat, was quite challenging actually. I was quite worried about my pregnancy (but of course everything was fine

When we stopped at Hong's Island, there were another big problem.

Did you know that Husna inherited some kind of OCD from Hannan? She did not want to step on the beach sand barefooted. But, when we put on her slippers, she cried because the slippers would be dirty with the sand. Hannan had to carry her from the boat to the lagoon. OMG. Talk about being a diva. I was already worried that this holiday would turn into a disaster. I mean, if she did not want to enjoy the beach, there would not be beach holiday lah.

just "accepting" the beach
at the Hong Island's lagoon, it took quite some time to actively tempted her with the beach. Luckily she started to warm up to the sand and beaches. Phewwww~

while Mama was queuing for the lunch 
Then, on the boat again and we stopped at Lading's Island for lunch. The lunch provided was ok. Not that bad, but nothing to shout about. But when you are tired and hungry, that lunch actually tasted good. haha.

We stopped at Pakbia Island for another round of swimming. by this time Husna already got too excited playing and swimming.

Arrived back to Ao Nang in the evening around 4. Went back to hotel. i was too tired but apparently Hannan and Husna still wanted to go in the swimming pool. 

We got to enjoy the hotel's swimming pool and the view.

We had our dinner and slept. Too tired to go to Krabi town or do anything else.

Third Day

Today is Phi Phi Island by Speedboat

did I mention that Husna was very good on the boat. She could even sleep on the boat. more importantly she did not vomit or berak while on the boat. hehe. That would be so much hassle.

Phi Phi island is quite far, maybe 2 hours journey from Ao Nang.

We did stop 2 or 3 times for snorkelling. But we took turn for snorkelling. We tried to take Husna in the sea but the wave quite strong for her to handle and for us to manage.

We stopped at Maya beach where the location for "The Beach"...beautiful and crowded. But we were told that, it was not even a peak season. lol. could not imagine how the peak season would be.

loving the sea..!
We stopped at other beaches too for swimming. Overall, Krabi/Thailand beaches soOo beautiful.

Had our lunch at the Phi Phi Island itself. Went for a little swimming there after the lunch.

Arrive at the Ao Nang Pier in the evening. This time instead of taking the jeep to send us back to our Hotel, we decided to take a stroll along the pier and to buy some souveniers.

Dinner at one of the Halal restaurants at Ao Nang. There are quite a lot of Halal restaurants at Ao Nang. The place even looks very Malaysia since a lot of malaysians were there. I even bumped into my TKC friend and her husband on the first night.

Again, dinner and pengsan. 

Fourth Day

Today was basically just travelling day. Our flight quite early as Hannan need to catch flight that evening. we booked the same airport transfer as the day that we arrived. 

So early that Husna was still on her pajamas. haha. but she was still very good lil traveller.

Overall, we had fun. Beach holiday is certainly on the list should next time we want to have a short vacation.