Monday, 14 December 2015

Ho Chi Minh September 2014

I intend to blog about our Manila trip, but as I was browsing the iPhone photos, I saw that we went to Ho Chi Minh (again) for Malaysia day long weekend.

So just to share our staple activities when we are in HCMC. 

Pre-departure. Husna was already an expert traveller. She board the plane and immediately wear the seatbelt on her own. too good i'd say.

Kedai nasi daging...! my fav for breakfast. and of course with vietnam coffee aka cafe su a da.

Next, usually involves a little shopping at Ben Thanh.

Nuts, normally for souveniers.

Sometime, ada pesanan for telekung, so we went to Hajah Basiroh's shop. but most of the time, I would also buy one or two for myself. Bak kata Hannan, telekung banyak dah, alimnya tak lagi. hahahahhaha #lawakhambar #notfunny

Dinner at Sushi restaurant.
Husna practising chopstick with my sequin.

Breakfast again, at my favourite pho stall. We called it pho lorong. All the pho at the halal restaurant at the city centre cannot beat this makcik...!

Lunch at Kedai Salim. The fish curry is TDF! A must visit for me when I'm in HCMC.

not easy to eat when you have a toddler.
There is another halal pho stall nearby our apartment. Not bad too but I prefer Makcik #1

For dinner, we sometime went to Sahraan restaurant, or Nyonya or Sushi or somewhere around Dong Du

ooh normally, in the morning or evening, we would go for a swim at the apartment's swimming pool. So thats about it whenever we visited Hannan in HCMC. Eat, shop, cafe su a da, eat, swim, sleep.

You would be dissapointed to know that I did not know how to guide you to any of my recommended restaurants/places to eat. So, yu might be tempted to ask, but I'm pretty sure I do not know the answer.