Wednesday, 30 December 2015

First checkup for Hannah

I was quite confident with my second pregnancy. 

Well, i did go on boat rides (Krabi) and horse ride (Manila). Alhamdulillah, Allah helps to take care of the baby and myself. 

So, finally, I went to see Dr Tan at PCMC for my very first checkup for baby #2 on 11/11/2014. The same gynae as I had for Husna. I was around 4 - 5 months pregnant already. I thot it's normal for not-first-pregnancy to see your gynae that late, but even Dr. Tan was rather shocked that I went to see her halfway through already. Alhamdulillah everything is ok!

Another baby girl, and I could not be happier. Especially now if you see the bond between the sisters. I, myself always long for a sister. So, I am so happy that I could "give" a sister to my daughter.