Thursday, 31 December 2015

Husna in 2014

It's end of 2015, and I'm only writing about 2014. Talk about procastinating. But just before the year ended, I want to write about Husna, and her excitement in getting a sibling. and oh boy, she was so excited and I knew I could count on her.

She's been nothing but such a sweetheart.

January 2014

Just before I left her to spend the weekend with Hannan at HCMC. 

Some mother-daughter activity. lol.

Her first LRT ride.

Family day at Tambun

February 2014

Accompanying Mama to Family Day

March 2014

Visiting "house Mama". I already sold this house but whenever we went to KL, she'd ask "go house Mama at KL?.."

April 2014

In April, we went for our Europe Trip.

May 2014

Seeing plane take off at KLIA2

June 2014

We went to visit Hannan at HCMC.

ada mek vietnam sesat.

tempah baju raya siap-siap.

July 2014

Puasa and Raya..!!!

Hantar makanan ke nenek sebelah.


early morning breakfast hunt on pagi raya.

sambung raya

August 2014

Krabi Holiday..!

September 2014

Another round of HCMC

October 2014

Stay at home with Nenek while Mama-Ayah honeymoon at Manila. 

November 2014

First haircut

Her favourite activity. "cooking" with Mama.

Cousin Hasna visiting.

Out and about

December 2014

Out and about

"nak mmmuahh baby.."

went back to alor Setar just the two of us for kenduri.

May you always surrounded with love and kindness. We love you very much!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Seoul, Korea November 2014

My first time to Seoul.

and apparently my first time going oversea without Hannan. Well, I did study oversea and went there without you, you know. At least for the first 2 years. lol.

This trip is for work. a very quick one. Night plane to Seoul. Arrived Seoul. Went to Gimpo Airport. Boarded flight to Ulsan. Arrived Ulsan noon. Meeting after lunch time. Finish meeting. Took fast train to Seoul. Reached Seoul at night. Overnight at Seoul. Took early flight back to KL.

You think travelling for work is fun isn't it? 

But I made some changes. Instead of taking the early flight back to KL, since it was Friday, I took the evening flight to back to KL. and I have half a day to visit Seoul. I joined the half day tour.

Not many pictures since I was fat and all pictures made me cringed. > <

I got to visit Jogyesa Buddhist Temple, Gyeongbok Palace and watch the changing guard ceremony, Presidential Blue House and Ginseng Center.

Oh, and apparently, it was the first snow that morning! But the weather during the visit was nice. Cold with warm sun. My fav kind of weather.

ok-lah, at least i got to see some Seoul rather than seeing it from seeing it from airplane only. and I got to spend ample of time at the airport too. The airport is huge!

Start with breakfast at the Hotel.

Jogyesa Buddhist Temple

Gyeongbok Palace

Changing of the Guard Ceremony

The Presidential Blue House

Outside Gyeongbok Palace

Outside City Hall. They were getting ready for the biggest kimchi making festival in the evening.

and highlight of my day was to see Hannan at the airport. Our second airport rendezvous. This time his flight arrived slightly earlier than mine.

ala-ala konsep garam di laut asam di darat. -_-

So, I can safely ticked off Seoul from my Been apps. hehe. #prioritise