Friday, 23 October 2015

Husna's "kapvert"

Currently, both girls are sleeping in my room. But there is a vacant room that we frequently call it as "bilik Husna" in preparation of her (and her sister) to move out the room. When they are ready, or when I'm ready *cries*

Anyway, that room just fill with cloth hangers and boxes of my clothes. Of course having OCD husband, he just cannot bear to see it, and bought me a new cupboard. The other vacant room also got their cupboard for my mostly not fitted (yet) clothes. 

So the new cupboard arrived. Husna was very excited.

 Somehow she called it "Husna's kapvert". Maybe because it's in "bilik Husna". After cupboard installation, the mengemas began. She's was not amused that I kept putting in my clothes at her "kapvert" to the point that she asked 

"why mama put clothes mama over here.."

Tengah-tengah penat mengemas, I would like to straightaway answer, this is my cupboard, Ayah bought it for me! but of course lah I took a deep breath and replied

"Mama tumpang, almari Mama tak muat.."

Then she went down, phewww. I can continue my work. Only to be disturbed by Husna coming back with few of her dresses. LOL. She also wants to claim her territory. So, I lost 1 section of the cupboard.

She even wanted to sleep at her own room that night. But of course with baby. But, it's too early for that. The room not ready. Hannah not ready. Mama also not ready -_-