Monday, 21 September 2015

Hannah First Solid

Hannah is approaching 6 months. Hannah who? My daughter laa. Yes, I have not been blogging that long. 

Hence, i've decided to blog on the go. Install (and bought full version one somemore) this app in my iPhone, dengan harapan I can blog more about life, travel and more importantly the kids growing up.

Anywayyy, long story short, I delivered a baby girl in March 2015. We named the beautiful sweet baby Hannah Atikah. And end of this month, she'll be 6 months.

But, my milk supply is decreasing *cry*

and she looks ready to eat. she try to grasp our food, she chews when I chew. lol. so cute right.

so last thursday I said to Hannan

"i'm starting Hannah on solid soon.."

Hannan: let's wait for her until 6 months. 

Me: but the milk is not enough. maybe not enough even for tomorrow

Hannan: if mcm tu, proceed je lah.

Me: Well, maybe enough until Saturday

In preparation, I also bought this book.

So,  on Saturday, we went to see the Doctor. Hannah weight stagnant as the last time we saw doctor. She falls in normal percentile. NORMAL. During baby, Husna is always overweight or borderline.

and doctor said

"thats because it's time for her to eat.."

and I asked clearly so that somebody could hear clearly

"can I start feeding her solid food?.."

doctor : yes, yes..go ahead

So, after visiting doctor, we went jalan-jalan klcc. and it was time for lunch. Hannah was getting restless as it was also her susu and sleep time.

so we decided to have our lunch at Madam Kwan's. while looking at the menu, Hannan on seeing Hannah getting restless said

"sabar ye sayang. Ayah order sup ayam. kita makan sup, ok"

I'm like "whattt..??? mana baby boleh makan sup ayam"

Hannan : the doctor said she can eat already

#facepalm #Iamneverleavingmybabywithyou

"too much salt! too much msg!"

Hannan : ooh macam-macam

Dont worry people, the baby is safe with me. Haha. Next day, we shop for her fruits and veges. 

This time around, I plan to do it right. My kid shall eat vegetables like a champion!