Thursday, 5 March 2015

Revert, reverse, moving forward!

Salam and Hello~ 

 So much to update so little time. #excuses #takbaiktipu. lol. truth is I keep thinking to change to the free and easy blogging platform. So finally, what push me is, DOMAIN RENEWAL. I am back, banyaknya post tertangguh e.g. 

 1) Paris 
2) Krabi 
3) Manila 
4) Korea 
5) Husna first day of playschool 
6) My second Pregnancy; i'm 35 weeks at the moment. Alhamdulillah..:)
7) Husna at school

For 2014, I actually went to 5 new countries
Australia, Switzerland, Thailand, Philippines and South Korea. 

and I cant wait to share (well, I have shared about Switzerland)..I mean I cant wait to share about all other journey.

and I think I should write document more about Husna here too. So she may read it later and know how great her childhood is. Wahhh, nak mengungkit ke? No lah, because I actually enjoy reading other peoples writing about their activities with their children. Dulu selalu rasa, apakah??? Well, motherhood tend to change (almost) everyone.

till then