Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Europe Trip Part X: Paris Day 2

Today was supposed to be shoppping day. But the weather in the morning was quite good i.e. not raining, so we rushed to Trocadero to take some more picture with Ms Eiffel Tower.

But, I think, we arrived rather too early. Still foggy. but we had fun anyway. People started to fill in quickly. The peoples selling the souvenirs were everywhere, and there were lots of them.

Then, we moved to Rue Cambon Street to find the Chanel store...:))))

Oh yes, due to rain day before, our HoHo ticket somehow got extension for another day.

This time we got to enjoy the top deck of HoHo.

 Had a lil breakfast, and diaper changed.

The store was already crowded. Haihhh, banyak duit betul semua orang.  This was us killing time while waiting for SA to be available. and finally we managed to get our SA - Mr. Frederique.

Husna trying out chanel. No, not for her of course. I was not sure which size to get so we tried on all the sizes. Finally, I settled with jumbo.

But, the Chanel that I wanted was not in store. and we have to come back later. So we headed to Dior.

Tak sia-sia melawat kawasan. Hannan actually like one of these bag so much, he bought them for me. hak hak hak..i mean, Alhamdulillah.

Husna also happy to receive this pretty flower from Dior. Ayah Husna kata "ni semua taktik jer.."

As we stepped out of Dior Boutique, it started raining heavily. Hannan ran back to the Dior boutique to tumpang the 

Next, we went to LV at Galleries La Fayette because I took several pre-order for friends.. Tapi, tapi, tapi, ter-berkenan pula kat this one Alma. So, terpaksalah berikrar janji setia takkan beli handbag untuk 5 tahun lagi. *cries*

Btw, I think we should have spent more time here. The mall is so beautiful and convenient especially for rainy days.

and oh boy, I thot purchasing handbags for other people would be fun, but not that fun really. lol. especially when the handbag ordered is not available. belum masuk nak packing lagi. I have utmost respect for all the Personal Shoppers out there.

Husna was already tired and sleeping in LV. As requested, I also bought Hannan's advanced birthday present here. A LV wallet. See, you give me lady dior, I give you LV wallet.

win - win :p

Then, IT IS TIME..! We went back to the Chanel store to buy #myfirstchanelflap. But, still had to wait some more till Mr. Frederique was free. *sigh*

Luckily while waiting, we were served with drinks and biscuits. Ayah Husna kata "all these they have cost in their handbag prices.." Well, he is all "chirpy" and opinionated in handbag boutique, doesn't him? But most importantly, he was still there, also waiting.

It was already towards the end of the day. Husna was also already tired .

And after waiting patiently to burn invest my hard-earned-money -_- , 

Mr Frederique was finally available. 

I tried the Beige Goldware Jumbo size flap and sooOoo happy, paid and off we went back to our hotel. Stopped by kebab store to tapau for our dinner.

Time to do major packing. We were heading home tomorrow.