Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Europe Trip Part IX: Paris Day 1

For day 1, we dedicated for sightseeing. I pre-purchased online hop-on hop-off (apparently known as HoHo) from The Big Bus company. 

Initially, I thot HoHo would be a better idea than riding on the metro to cover as much as tourist attractions as possible. It was indeed a good idea. Paris Metro is not really child friendly, and we had to carry the stroller.

Furthermore, hujannnn..! At least we get to see all round Paris in "comfort" of bus ride..:) 

Where we saw the rain stopped or rather bearable, we hop off.

But rain or no rain, Paris is always a good idea..:) plus I said to Hannan, 

"barulah Husna ada feel oversea.." 

wahhh gittew untuk sedapkan hati.

Enjoy the pic!

Eiffel Tower

see, rain or no rain, Husna was still happpy.

The Lourve

Along River Seine
while waiting to Hop On again.

Notre Dame
The queue was rather long. Seb baik dah pernah masuk zaman muda mudi dulu. Plus as you can see, Husna was sleeping.

Best place to take picture with Eiffel Tower.