Thursday, 2 October 2014

Europe Trip Part VII: London..:)

We stayed at Hyde Park Executive Apartment. I’ve been told that we’ve been upgraded. Ooohh, we were also upgraded while we were in Zurich. But Europe hotel/apartment, don’t really count on it. Memang cukup-cukup nak jalan jer. Haha.

Our apartment is 5 mins away from Malaysia Hall. Naturally, after 6 days of no Malaysian food, we went to have our breakfast there. Husna looked really happy having her nasi lemak.

But gotta tell u this. Tube-strike SUKCS! The buses were so full. We had to wait for 3-4 buses because the driver would not stop because the bus overloaded already.

Since there was tube strike, we took the bus to go to *drum roll* Oxford Street. Hahaha. I wanted to go to Primark first before the store overloaded, coz we needed to buy PJs for Husna.

We had to go around London mostly via buses which we were not that pro of..kalau tube boleh pejam mata. For Hannan lah...I follow jer :p

But, we were in London. Everything was familiar and made me feel warm inside.

We met Fakhrul (adik Hannan). And that was the first time he met Husna. Then going around London made it easier (for me) because I have extra helping hands. Hehehe.

Enjoy the London pics. Too many, i know...but am still excited!

Bond street. because I love Bond Street.

Ok, this is clearly kedai Hannan. Btw, i did not do any shopping since after London, we would be going to Paris after London. I intended to burn my (and Hannan's) wallet over there.

Bila tiba time mengada taknak duduk stroller, taknak jalan. I had to carry her. So if you read this Husna, please know I love you this much...and more.

Love this candid shot. Next time gotta bring (FOC) photog. Haha.

Chinatown. just because, u know. jalan-jalan.

The FOUR STOREY M&M's World. This was not here the last time I was in London. Gotta go in. I mean, Husna wanted to go in.

So, after this, she insisted to hold her yellow paper bag.

Harrod's yeayyyyyy...:)

Had our tea break at Laduree, Harrods.

and for dinner, we met with our London based friend, who was excited to see Husna more than seeing us. We had our dinner at Tinseltown American Diner which serves halal burgers, hotdogs and everything. yummmy too. Thank you Nik for the recommendation!

For day 2 in London, we shall continue for London Eye and London River Cruise..!