Thursday, 2 October 2014

Europe Trip Part VI: Travelling Day Zurich – Paris – London

Our train to Paris Gare Lyon at 3:34pm, so we had that morning to stroll (again) the Bahnhofstrasse. Ready to checkout-kalau-best-boleh-beli the Swiss Watches. But somehow the stores closed that day. Apparently it was Sechseläuten (Swiss German: Sächsilüüte).

“Sechseläuten. An old spring festival that occurs in Zurich every year on the third Monday of April. Sechseläuten is not an official holiday, but many businesses, offices and banks close for the day. There may be some minor traffic delays in the afternoon due to the procession of the guilds”

So there was nothing much to do. We were supposed to checkout by 12pm. But since our train only at 3:34pm, Hannan requested for late checkout till 3pm. Of course with extra charges, tapi sayangkan anak katanya. If there were only two of us, we'd "hang-out" at the train station.

All was well, until we left the Hotel. I put on Husna’s jacket. Ntah ape yang tak kena, dia start mengamuk. Kejap nak zip, kejap taknak zip. I literally had to drag a screaming crying toddler. Masya Allah. Truly menguji keimanan.

Finally settled in train.

Husna on the train, muka (tak) bersalah after causing so much drama.


We received not so good news from our London friend that there would be tube strike starting midnight that day that would last for 2 days. In short, the whole time we would be in London *sigh*

Alhamdulillah, arrived in Paris Gare Lyon. Now, we were pro already with Paris underground. Made our way to Paris Nord where we would take the Eurostar to London.

In Paris, Hannan tried to change for some Euros. But we found out that the foreign exchange is cekik darah! Not only they charge commission in the exchange rate. Then, they’d charge “administration fee” on top of that. So, better change your euros and pounds in Malaysia. Or maybe avoid foreign exchange in train station.

Arrived London St Pancras 1039pm. Almost felt like home-sweet-home. We took a cab to our apartment in Bayswater. The tube strike already started *cringe* but alas we were in LONDON again, where we could

“jalan-jalan tengok lampu”