Thursday, 19 June 2014

Europe Trip Part III: Stranded at Bern

We arrived Bern. So, while waiting for the Bern – Interlaken train, would like to buy some baguette/bread.

And then, Hannan realized he left his wallet after paying the hotel bills…!!! To confirm, I called the hotel and it was confirmed. Aduhai. They were so nice keeping it for us, and asking where we would like it to be posted. We could not really find good timing for them to post the wallet. It would take several days, and since we were going from one place to another, we could not decide to where they should send the wallet to.

Luckily, Hannan kept the US Dollars separately. And good that Bern is a big main train station. We could find money changer. We decided that Hannan would go back to Geneva to collect his wallet, while Husna and I wait at Bern. Then, we both will go to Interlaken. One way journey to Geneva from Bern takes 2 hours, so we have to wait 4 hours++. Fortunately, we already have the Half Fare Swiss Card. The return journey cost Swiss Franc 58. If not, it’ll be Swiss Franc 116..!!!

We have to let go our reserved seats, as we missed that train. Good that the train tickets in Swiss valid for 5 days. Meaning, we can board any Bern – Interlaken train, anytime during the 5 days. The seats were not guaranteed unless you also bought the seat reservation. However, I found that the train in Switzerland is very frequent that you don’t really have to book the seat. There is always a seat for you.

If you check the timetable via sbb, it will even tell you the expected train occupancy. Cool right? Bila lah public transportation di Malaysia ni nak semaju Europe.

Anyhow, I asked Hannan to put the bags in the locker. At least it would be easy for me to go around with Husna to kill time. Bought ourself two tuna baguette, Hannan gave me 50 Swiss Franc and USD 200 just in case.

So to kill time, I went out of Bern main station and did a lil sightseeing. We arrived at this place where there was a waterworks. Husna was really happy “main air” I forgot that I did not have her spare clothes with me. ><

[KGVID width="500" height="450"][/KGVID]

Afterwards, we went back to the train station. It was only less than 2 hours. Still long time to wait for Hannan.


Belanja Husna hot chocolate and tomato pasta, changed her diaper. I was too tired and sleepy to go around anymore. Luckily, there is waiting room at Bern train station.

Hannan texted earlier and told me to just checked in any Hotel…but I thought the waiting room was good enough already.

Around 7pm, Hannan arrived. We took train to Interlaken. Bern to Interlaken was only 1 hour. Pheww. Husna and I slept during the journey. Hannan looked fresh. Rupa-rupanya dia kata dia dah tidur siap-siap on the way back to Bern.

All tired, finally we arrived Interlaken West. Nak dijadikan cerita, time ini lah Husna pull off merajuk+menangis dia. Oh My God..! She sometime has this habit of, kena dukung dulu right after bangun tidur. Reason being, I do not know. So she refused to walk or sit/lie on her stroller. I kena dukung dia.

Again, our hotel in Interlaken was close to train station…but not that close. Still 5 – 7 mins of walking. But plus luggage and stroller, could easily become 10min++ and I cannot dukung Husna sambil berjalan sambil tolak bag.

We calmed her inside the train station. Buat susu, minum susu, yet she still did not want to walk or sit in her stroller. Nak terus berdukung. Since it was nearly 10pm (the check in reception opens till 10pm), I suggested Hannan to go check in first (and brought along the two luggage bags), and gotta showed him the hotel direction. I normally will download direction to hotel one day before via Google Map and screenshot the turn by turn direction. Even screenshot how the hotel looks like. Fortunately, the direction to the hotel was quite straight forward. So, off Hannan went with luggages while me dukung Husna yang sleeping+crying.

After about 10mins, Husna looked OK. At least by the time Hannan came back, she wanted to sit at her stroller and I could push her. Kalau nak berdukung, memang sakit. Sebab bila dia datang mood nak berdukung, she only want me to dukung her. Tak nak Ayah. Mama Husna tak larat nak dukung Husna sambil berjalan sambil nak kena tolak luggage. ><

Finally, after our long journey…arrived in the Hotel. Oh my, I love this hotel. Coming from cramped Hotel in Geneva, this hotel room is God-send. Plus, the receptionist said you can drink straight from the tapwater. BETTER THAN EVIAN. He said. The amazing thing is that, it is TRUE! Memang sedap. Memang better than Evian! I know because I am a sucker for Evian and Volvic.

The bathroom has bath tub. So, that’s easy to ajak Husna “shower”…of course ended up dia main air dalam bath tub. Minum susu, then we slept. So that was it. All iz well. Much needed R&R because we would have long day tomorrow for Jungfrau Top of Europe yeay.