Tuesday, 27 May 2014


How frequent I play FUTSAL. Well, the answer is NEVER.

But I have watched Hannan play for gazillions time. sepak bola, kejar bola, I CAN DO IT!

The futsal is inter-house in my company. Yes, we adults executives are divided into 4 sports houses. Mine is Topaz. Others are Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. Let's just say Topas performance last year not in top 3. huhu.

So, for ladies, it is more like paksarela, or siapa ada masuk je court sebab tak cukup orang. Ladies, they are either pregnant, or just deliver. Leaving the minorities who HAD to play. Or fill in bodies inside the court.

Yes, see. Gaya 10 markah. hehe.


1 minutes into futsal, I realized I cannot kick. Bola melencong mana ntah. But I found my strength. I can actually defend. Below pic is not really me defending. That was me looks like i was defending while actually I was taking my own sweet time.


Now, I'm playing.


Resting again.


Another 10 marks for style.



so, I did not score any. but I think I defended good. Haihh, siapa lagi nak puji diri sendiri.

The TOPAZ male and female team won 3 out of 4 which makes us the runner up.


...Wooooot woooT...


The TOPAZ girls with our CEO


Hannan arrived early Saturday morning approx 2am, we slept around 330, then at 8am went to Futsal. So tired and sleepy I tell you but thanks for supporting being there to support me.


and most importantly thank for the warning "Jangan ingat sebab awak tidur dengan saya, tetiba awak terror main futsal juga" upon me telling him that I gotta play futsal.


But at least I'm not that heartbroken when I realized I cannot kick ball.