Tuesday, 27 May 2014


How frequent I play FUTSAL. Well, the answer is NEVER.

But I have watched Hannan play for gazillions time. sepak bola, kejar bola, I CAN DO IT!

The futsal is inter-house in my company. Yes, we adults executives are divided into 4 sports houses. Mine is Topaz. Others are Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. Let's just say Topas performance last year not in top 3. huhu.

So, for ladies, it is more like paksarela, or siapa ada masuk je court sebab tak cukup orang. Ladies, they are either pregnant, or just deliver. Leaving the minorities who HAD to play. Or fill in bodies inside the court.

Yes, see. Gaya 10 markah. hehe.


1 minutes into futsal, I realized I cannot kick. Bola melencong mana ntah. But I found my strength. I can actually defend. Below pic is not really me defending. That was me looks like i was defending while actually I was taking my own sweet time.


Now, I'm playing.


Resting again.


Another 10 marks for style.



so, I did not score any. but I think I defended good. Haihh, siapa lagi nak puji diri sendiri.

The TOPAZ male and female team won 3 out of 4 which makes us the runner up.


...Wooooot woooT...


The TOPAZ girls with our CEO


Hannan arrived early Saturday morning approx 2am, we slept around 330, then at 8am went to Futsal. So tired and sleepy I tell you but thanks for supporting being there to support me.


and most importantly thank for the warning "Jangan ingat sebab awak tidur dengan saya, tetiba awak terror main futsal juga" upon me telling him that I gotta play futsal.


But at least I'm not that heartbroken when I realized I cannot kick ball.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Europe Trip Part II: Geneva

Once we arrived in Geneva, there was the problem of getting to the Hotel. I booked a hotel near the main train station. By Google Map, it should be just 5 – 7 mins of walking. So it seemed easier to walk to the hotel than getting into taxi/tram. Plus we did not have any Swiss Franc. Luckily, I managed to get my direction right. It was 5 – 7 mins walking from the train station…if you did not have to push a toddler and big luggages. *cringe*

The room in Geneva is super small. Muat-muat untuk lalu lalang sahaja. But it was clean. Clean is what most important to me. And that’s more than great for us. Plus, we only stay for one night. So after check in, we showered and freshen up. The hotel gave us free pass card. We could use it to ride all trams/buses for free. How nice! There are not that many tourist attraction site in Geneva. My main to go place is to see the UN, The Flower Clock and Jet D’eau. So we went there.

At the main train station to change some Euros to Swiss Franc.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 006 Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 016 Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 019

First we went to the UN....because we are in Geneva, gotta go to see the UN. hehe.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 025

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 031

Then we went to the flower clock and lastly we spent some time in taking photos in Jet D’Eau.

At the flower clock. The weather was great..!

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 041

Trying the jump picture to no avail. Tak synchronize. and Husna tak jump punnnn...!

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 055-tile

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 071  

Generally, Geneva is a very modern and clean city. The Jet D’eau is actually close to their high street. However, the shop already closed at that time.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 078

That night, we spent resting and re-arranging our luggages. Distributing our items evenly so that it is easier for me to carry it with one hand.

The next day, we had our big breakfast to prepare for our next train journey. We had to go to the train station early as we need to validate our Half Fare Swiss Pass, and to confirm which train we could board in. We were making our way to Interlaken with changed at Bern. Geneva CFF – Bern – Interlaken West.

Below pic, me trying to catch our next train after validating our Swiss Half Fare Card.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 093

The train from Geneva CFF to Bern is quite frequent. Bern is actually one of the main interchange train station.

Waiting for the train.

 Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 100

 The train was comfy and clean. I'm not neat person but I have issues with not clean places. lol. 10 mins after we board the train, I looked at my phone and saw a missed call from a Swiss phone number. I guessed it was from the hotel, and after checking the number with the reservation info, it was from the Hotel.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 109

So, I told Hannan.

Me: Hotel call saya, kenapa eh? Ada tertinggal apa-apa ke?

Hannan: hmm takde, all major-major things dah ambil. Wallet, passport, duit, phone. Wallet awak ada?

Me: Ada, cincin semua pun ada.

.....yeahhhh righttttt....

We even thot that they called because Husna’s wet diapers that I have balut with plastic so nicely. Hahah. However, we…or Hannan actually left something very major and important at Geneva.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 111

So to be continued on the why how and what we did when we got stranded at Bern.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Europe Trip Part I: The Journey

Salam. Europe trip 2014 for our family…how shall I sum it up? So interesting and challenging!

This was at the airport pre-departure. Oh myyyy..Husna sangat-sangat-sangat excited. She did not sleep the whole day. Which is good, dengan harapan dalam flight dia akan tidur.

IMG_7269 IMG_7262

Anyhow, we fly to Paris with A380. Sebab I want to “merasa” flying A380 business.

Enjoying the Golden Lounge.



A380? More spacious I must say. Since the seat arrangement in business class is 2-2-2, Hannan separated by aisle. He sat next to NOBODY. Yup, I thought he looks lonely too *jealous*


Husna started out good. Sat in her seat. Duduk je terus tau nak fasten the seat belt. Even slept in her seat. Hannan already watched..i dunno 2 -3 movies? I could not really sleep. Nak kena tengok and entertain Husna. At first, she slept A-ok in her seat, but like always, tengah-tengah malam start meraba cari Mama. Bila tak jumpa, start nak cry..!


I had to move her to sleep in my seat. Luckily the seat is big and comfortable enough for both of us. It turned out OK as well as the flight was quite rough. Since Husna also in my “bed”, I could just tepuk-tepuk dia, and did not have to wake up to see how she was doing.


So we arrived Paris airport aka Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG). We were scheduled to take the Lyria fast train, 1211pm from Paris Gare de Lyon to Geneva CFF. From Paris CDG, we took Metro/RER line B, changed at Chatellet les Halles line B to line A to Paris Gare de Lyon.


Just arrived in Paris CDG..:) MAS stewardess packed for us lotsa sandwiches, breads and water.

Oh man, that was the first time we realized bringing in 3 big luggages not our greatest ideas.  While I have to tend to Husna, whether she’s inside or outside stroller, Hannan could not possibly push 3 big luggage bags.

So, with one hand, I had to push Husna’s stroller…and the other, have to push 1 luggage bag. Not that easy. However, we managed to get to Geneva CFF early, and rest while waiting for the train. The train journey took approx 3 hours 15 mins. The view outside was very serene and beautiful. But we were too tired to take pictures. And the train really fast! Tak rasa penat…more to berlengas je lah.

To be continued. Do come back for Geneva story, or pictures..:)