Monday, 21 April 2014

Checklist of checklists.

1999-07-31-to-do-listWe rarely travel to 3 countries at once! This time the trip will include 5 cities and 3 countries. Boy, I am nervous. Hopefully everything went well.

Currently, I have checklist of checklist.
(1) General checklist
(2) What to bring onboard checklist
(3) Tickets checklist. We have so many tickets. I basically pre-booked all that I can pre-book or bought online.
(4) Map checklist. most importantly need to know how to get from train station to hotel
(5) Sightseeing & tourist attractions checklist. somehow Laduree and Pierre Herme also in this checklist
(6) Pre-order checklist. Since we have HUGE baggage allowance, and we'll be in Paris for shopping...might as well right?
(7) Shopping checklist. so that I can focus, and dont forget anything.
(8) Souvenier checklist. It is just so pening nak kira how many of this and how many of that everytime nak beli souveniers. So basically I listed the no of ppl per group.

So, on top of all, I might need checklist for my checklists. lol. or not.

Wish us the best and good weather. Cannot wait to say bon voyage~

Oh btw, if you would like to follow my trip, do follow my instagram @hanehassan. I recently made my instagram private, but just add me ok...:)

Friday, 11 April 2014

Near Missed

Actually, bukan near missed. Memang dah jadi. Domain EXPIRED! Have to renew at Google Apps, tapi lupa username and lupa password. Akhirnya, kena main teka-teki. Fuh, terus ticked auto renewal every year...hahaha, makin lupa lah username and password gamaknya.

Btw, now tengah sibuk preparing for the Euro trip. Train and Hotel is settled so the nest thing is how to get from Train station to Hotel. Ahaks. Then places to visit. Memang pilih hotels yang nearby with train station sebab sekejap-sekejap jer at one place. So, near the train station would be the most convenience. Mostly hotels is walking distance from main train station..except London because that's "hometown" katanya. cewah.

But, e'tho near train station, still kena tahu nak pergi mana, belok mana untuk sampai ke Hotel tu. Dah siap-siap cache map untuk setiap tempat, but rasanya akan opt to buy sim card with data plan. Senang and murah.

OK, thats all for now. Wish us luck.