Thursday, 9 October 2014

Europe Trip Part VIII: London Day 2

Today main activities was sightseeing. London Eye + River Cruise. I purchased the combination ticket for London Eye and River Cruise from

The river cruise route should take us from Westminister to The City and Tower Bridge and lastly to Canary Wharf and Greenwich. and then we could take the cruise back to Westminister.

However, did you remember about the tube strike *cries* it took us ages to arrive to Westminister. We enjoyed the London Eye, and the proceeded with the river cruise from the London Eye pier.

To get from Tower Bridge to Canary Wharf/Greenwich would take us 30 mins. Precious time that we did not have. The original plan was to enjoy the rivercruise till Greenwich then we would take the bus and tube to go back to our Apartment, then straight to King Cross to catch the 7:01pm Eurostar to Paris.

Due to the tube strike, we have no faith with the public transport so we ended our river cruise at Tower Bridge. So that shall give me reason to go back to London since i've never been to Greenwich.

I think we took about 1 and half hour just waiting for the tube. sentap sangat..! and upon arriving at Malaysia Hall, we had our lunch while thinking how to get to King's Cross. Best option would be tube since it was nearing 5pm i.e. peak hours, and getting  into cab would mean we would get into traffic.

But, but, but TUBE STRIKE *cries* so we gotta go with the cab option. But there come anothe problem. It would be difficult to get any cab. semua pun busy. So, I finished my late lunch, pray, changed Husna at Malaysia Hall, while Hannan went out for a smoke. Suddenly, he came down to the restaurant and told me that the pakcik that send fresh goods to the Malaysia Hall kitchen would give us a ride! Alhamdulillah. Never thot social smoking is real and could be that helpful.

Indeed, he was really helpful. kalau naik taxi, taxi pun xde masa nak rush to the King Cross. They would take their own sweet time. So, Alhamdulillah that pakcik helped us.

Anyway, Hannan blacklisted London. lol. but, it was just a moment of anger. no worries London. We'll come again. Just look at these great London pictures. Gila tak nak pergi lagi ;p

London Eye

London River Cruise

would love to come back to London..!


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Europe Trip Part VII: London..:)

We stayed at Hyde Park Executive Apartment. I’ve been told that we’ve been upgraded. Ooohh, we were also upgraded while we were in Zurich. But Europe hotel/apartment, don’t really count on it. Memang cukup-cukup nak jalan jer. Haha.

Our apartment is 5 mins away from Malaysia Hall. Naturally, after 6 days of no Malaysian food, we went to have our breakfast there. Husna looked really happy having her nasi lemak.

But gotta tell u this. Tube-strike SUKCS! The buses were so full. We had to wait for 3-4 buses because the driver would not stop because the bus overloaded already.

Since there was tube strike, we took the bus to go to *drum roll* Oxford Street. Hahaha. I wanted to go to Primark first before the store overloaded, coz we needed to buy PJs for Husna.

We had to go around London mostly via buses which we were not that pro of..kalau tube boleh pejam mata. For Hannan lah...I follow jer :p

But, we were in London. Everything was familiar and made me feel warm inside.

We met Fakhrul (adik Hannan). And that was the first time he met Husna. Then going around London made it easier (for me) because I have extra helping hands. Hehehe.

Enjoy the London pics. Too many, i know...but am still excited!

Bond street. because I love Bond Street.

Ok, this is clearly kedai Hannan. Btw, i did not do any shopping since after London, we would be going to Paris after London. I intended to burn my (and Hannan's) wallet over there.

Bila tiba time mengada taknak duduk stroller, taknak jalan. I had to carry her. So if you read this Husna, please know I love you this much...and more.

Love this candid shot. Next time gotta bring (FOC) photog. Haha.

Chinatown. just because, u know. jalan-jalan.

The FOUR STOREY M&M's World. This was not here the last time I was in London. Gotta go in. I mean, Husna wanted to go in.

So, after this, she insisted to hold her yellow paper bag.

Harrod's yeayyyyyy...:)

Had our tea break at Laduree, Harrods.

and for dinner, we met with our London based friend, who was excited to see Husna more than seeing us. We had our dinner at Tinseltown American Diner which serves halal burgers, hotdogs and everything. yummmy too. Thank you Nik for the recommendation!

For day 2 in London, we shall continue for London Eye and London River Cruise..!


Europe Trip Part VI: Travelling Day Zurich – Paris – London

Our train to Paris Gare Lyon at 3:34pm, so we had that morning to stroll (again) the Bahnhofstrasse. Ready to checkout-kalau-best-boleh-beli the Swiss Watches. But somehow the stores closed that day. Apparently it was Sechseläuten (Swiss German: Sächsilüüte).

“Sechseläuten. An old spring festival that occurs in Zurich every year on the third Monday of April. Sechseläuten is not an official holiday, but many businesses, offices and banks close for the day. There may be some minor traffic delays in the afternoon due to the procession of the guilds”

So there was nothing much to do. We were supposed to checkout by 12pm. But since our train only at 3:34pm, Hannan requested for late checkout till 3pm. Of course with extra charges, tapi sayangkan anak katanya. If there were only two of us, we'd "hang-out" at the train station.

All was well, until we left the Hotel. I put on Husna’s jacket. Ntah ape yang tak kena, dia start mengamuk. Kejap nak zip, kejap taknak zip. I literally had to drag a screaming crying toddler. Masya Allah. Truly menguji keimanan.

Finally settled in train.

Husna on the train, muka (tak) bersalah after causing so much drama.


We received not so good news from our London friend that there would be tube strike starting midnight that day that would last for 2 days. In short, the whole time we would be in London *sigh*

Alhamdulillah, arrived in Paris Gare Lyon. Now, we were pro already with Paris underground. Made our way to Paris Nord where we would take the Eurostar to London.

In Paris, Hannan tried to change for some Euros. But we found out that the foreign exchange is cekik darah! Not only they charge commission in the exchange rate. Then, they’d charge “administration fee” on top of that. So, better change your euros and pounds in Malaysia. Or maybe avoid foreign exchange in train station.

Arrived London St Pancras 1039pm. Almost felt like home-sweet-home. We took a cab to our apartment in Bayswater. The tube strike already started *cringe* but alas we were in LONDON again, where we could

“jalan-jalan tengok lampu”

Europe Trip Part V: Harder Kulm and Zurich

"Harder Kulm offers a beautiful view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains as well as Lake Thun and Lake Brienz”

That the Harder Kulm description and I am totally SOLD! I wanted to go to Harder Kulm, so that we could view this,

Harder Kulm

Instead, due to bad weather, we could see fog everywhere and did not see any view at all *cries*

otw to the viewing deck

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 458

Some pic with the cow to mend my broken hearts.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 461

Important been there done that photo.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 489

and the Harder Bahn driver was so nice and friendly volunteered to take our pictures.


Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 526

The weather that day was not so great, but we could still enjoy Swiss beautiful beautiful beautiful scenery.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 543 IMG_7881

We checkout our hotel and make way to Bern – Zurich.

Last souvenir shopping at Interlaken Town while waiting for the train.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 548
Arrived Zurich in the evening, the receptionist suggested tours to us, but most of it was to go and see Jungfraujoch, or another mountain, so we pass.

Had a little rest, changed and off we went to see Lake Zurich while strolling along the Bahnhofstrasse.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 556

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 618 IMG_7892-horz IMG_7947-horz Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 622 Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 657 Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 661
We had our dinner at seafood restaurant located inside the Main Train Station.

Then, it was time for RnR.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Europe Trip Part IV: Jungfrau Top of Europe

Salam everyone. How's raya? I am keen to keep the Europe Trip 2014 documented. So here goes, our fourth day in Swiss. We were already in Interlaken and woke up to this view,

Interlaken Jungfrau

Masya Allah.

We stayed near Interlaken West. To take the train to Jungfrau, we need to take it from Interlaken OST. To reach the Jungfrau from Interlaken OST, we need to change 2 times.

Morning walk from our Hotel to train station.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 140 Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 154 Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 162

I bought the ticket online via and we only need to bring the online printed ticket.

Tiket JungfrauVoucher100015206-page-002

The ticket is rather expensive. Mind you that this is the price AFTER  50% discount because we purchased the Swiss Pass. So keep that in mind if you considering to go to Jungfrau and which Rail Pass to choose from.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 205

Train 1: Interlaken OST to Kleine Scheidegg via Grindewald or Lauterbrunnen.

Train 2: Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch

The whole journey took approximately 2 and 1/2 hours. Come to think of it, it took quite some time right? But we hardly felt the journey thanks to the AMAZING view all the way.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 173 Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 179 Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 218 

The place is rather comfortable. There are many sections. You only need to follow the arrow to cover the whole place.

1340774400_n2i45iLS_st_FRa9u12O grafik_alpine_sensation_cut_01

Unfortunately the Snow Fun did not open to public yet.

Me and Husna ber-gedix wearing the same coat. hehe. What's more gedix is Hannan who bought these coats for us ;)

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 226

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 253
Family photo..:)

But of course, one of the main attraction is the Sphinx. Where you can see the outdoor view of the mountains. It is simply breathtaking.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 325

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 270 Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 279

Love this father-daughter moment. Priceless. IMG_7491-horz

.Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 380
Another family photo

Afterwards, we proceed to Ice Palace and other place etc...but Husna slept already. Haihh..luckily, her tix is free since she's under 6yo.


Someone in the picture (not me) thot the info is interesting.



Along the Ice Palace


On the Plateau

IMG_1703 IMG_1708

And kena ada gambar lejen hisap rokok on top of europe, katanya..!


Then we decided to go back to the Sphinx to utilize my monopod... hence for some #selfie moment.  Husna was sleeping at this time. We just "parked" her nearby. hehe.


Everybody was looking at us. I assumed they were amazed with our monopod and remote. lol. We have remarks like

"good photography technique.."

The whole on-your-own tour took about 2 hours.

On our way down, this was at Kleine Scheidegg. You can reach Interlaken OST via both platform. We just chosed the one thats available there at that time. I think it was via Grindewald.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 404

Che Mek was hungry. We tapau bread and nutella from our hotel. Btw, food in Swiss is expensive and it's hard to get tuna baguette. The hotel is expensive. Cut the story short, everything is expensive.

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 421

However, their hospitality and customer service is TIP TOP and AMAZING..!!! I used to think British is great but Swiss is SUPERB..!

Little example, under 6yo, can ride the train free. But the ticket lady gave Husna child ticket and even stamp the ticket. Hehe. She loves it and would not let go of her ticket. And everytime on train/tube/metro ride even when in London and Paris, she would ask "yer ticket Na?"

Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 424-tile Swiss London Paris Spring Apr-May 2014 439

Killing some time with another family selfie led by Husna. lol.


So that's it from Jungfrau. We had such an amazing new experience.