Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Travel List 2014

Salam semua, wah belum habis 2013...dah start fikir 2014. Actually bukan start fikir..dah start beli tickets and planning mana yang patut..:)

I love travel. Hannan loves travel. Alhamdulillah, kami mampu untuk travel. Hence, we travel. 

Simple jer kan.

Will kick off 2014 with Ho Chi Minh City (again?)..hehe. This will be my 5th time in HCMC, but this time less Husna. Just thinking of spending time husband-wife for the weekend. Tapi, dah fikir nak belikan Husna this and Husna that. hahaha.


Then, for CNY, we'll be going to Bangkok. Nak expand the list for Asean countries pula. In case you are wondering, yes..this time we bring Husna...:p. Husna and I, first time in Thailand. Hopefully by that time this riot in Bangkok has finished. We are planning to visit the Temples, River Market and the weekend market Chatucak.



Then comes the free trip by Hai-O. Remember the package months for Gold Coast in July - Oct 2013? Alhamdulillah, Hane qualified trip itu bersama rakan kongsi. yeayyy..!!! Tak sabar nak celebrate dengan mereka. Ini FIRST TIME Hane and Hannan akan ke Australia. Super EXCITED! Since, this is company trip, Husna tak ikut juga. Bye-bye baby...Mama and Ayah survey dulu, later we bring you ok.

And, comes April / May, back to family trip again. Me, Hannan and Husna will be going to



Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe

Oh myyyy tak sabarnya nak ke Zurich, Interlaken, Jungfaujoch aka Top of Europe, Geneva, then re-visit London and Paris. This will be the first time juga kami ke Switzerland and we cannnnot wait. This time, tak ambil tour package, unlike Turkey because...well, it's Europe. Semua pun on the line and so easy nak booking. For the europe trip, we'll be travelling by train. Mostly by the highspeed train. Hane dah siapkan the itenaries, sebab itulah busy sokmo tak ter-update blog. Switzerland is such a beautiful place. Memang pening nak pick and choose the itenaries.

London and Paris more to shopping trip...and introducing Husna to kampung halaman. Aha, we call London, our kampung halaman...:p TAPI, since this is Husna first time nak juga bawa dia ke ALL the attractions sebab nak ambil gambar. haha. It'll be quite packed holiday actually, but it's Europe. Should be fun! Wish us all the best of health and safety. Amin.

So far, akan gunakan 13 annual leaves. Ada beberapa balance jer.. *cries* kena save kan juga untuk cuti raya, Asia trip Hai-O and Europe trip Hai-O, and other cuti-cuti tersepit kalau nak cuti. But, so far, i'm so happy with 2014 already and look forward to it. Husna akan cover 4 new countries..!! Lucky girl. Haha, mama and ayah yang lagi excited.

And now already planning for 2015. Insya Allah Umrah and LA. Or you have any other suggestions? If you've been to places I've mentioned above do share too..:)