Thursday, 17 October 2013


Sempena selepas cuti raya Haji ini, Hane sure ramai yang dah nak start diet balik...:) So Hane nak share info-picture dari SiHatiMerahJambu.

diet tips

Lain-lain tips dari entry beliau,

"...nak exercise macam biasa buat 10xPush up, 25xsit up, 25xSquats, 30xLunges, 50xJumping Jacks, 60x Wall-sit. Nak tahu macamana,boleh refer kat video ni >>[Senaman Circuit Training].Then sentiasa pakai PB [Premium Beautiful] corset. Dan jangan lupa consume vitamin Alfafa Shaklee yang membantu penghadaman dan percernaan..."

Wahh..rupa-rupanya cik fiza yang cantik manis dan berbakat ini pun pemakai Premium Beautiful corset.

Nway, hope semua orang boleh benefits dari 10 Tips di atas. Untuk Hane sendiri, memang sehari dua ini (cuba) untuk makan fruits and veges sahaja. dah banyak sangat makan daging raya korban ni. Then of course pakai Premium Beautiful. Dan teruskan minum BB Plus Collagen untuk tambah lagi fibre dalam usus (untuk penghadaman) dan agar kulit tak tetiba tumbuh jerawat pula. Also, minum banyak air masak yer.

All the best semua.

Hane Hassan

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Gold Coast Calling~

Salam semua. Nowadays, bulan akhir pakej Gold Coast...memang busy sedikit. Kindly be informed promo BB PLUS COLLAGEN BUY 3 FREE 1 = RM540 akan berakhir hujung bulan ini. So ramai lah pengguna setia BB Plus Collagen yang ambil peluang ini untuk stock up. Sebab, kalau nak diikutkan, 4 kotak tu tahan 3 bulan sahaja. Jadi memang berbaloi-baloi lah grab this promo!

Sometime, client order pagi and expected items to be posted in the noon. So, Hane memang ada simpan some items in the office.


Tahniah to Top Leaders Circle kerana berjaya organized another very successfull talk by Irfan Khairi dan CDM Azlan. Wah, bukan calang-calang mentor Top Leaders Circle ini. Di Top Leaders Circle, kami memang utamakan ilmu-ilmu keusahawanan dan social media. Insya Allah, jika buat, pasti dapat! Memang sesuai dengan bahang Gold Coast, semua biz partner inspired, and most importantly, full of knowledge untuk buat biz betul-betul lagi..:)IMG_9036 IMG_9171 IMG_9177

And as always, business sharing, personal coaching and mentoring, power up session, media social, semua pun on going. Harap dapat beri yang terbaik untuk trip Gold Coast ini. Nak enjoy dengan lebih ramai biz partners. Let's do it!

IMG_8969 IMG_9209 IMG_9415IMG_9333

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Wish us all the best for Gold Coast trip...! and as always to know more about products or biz sharing, my contact no as below..:)

Hane Hassan

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Gold Coast Best Rides

I cannnnot wait to go to Gold Coast. and the #1 reason sebab nak pergi theme parks. hehe. do you love theme parks? I do! and Hannan does as well. Cant wait. Do you love rides? Hannan does. Me? not so much except after I I have been on one. Terus rasa excited and berani. Haha, selalu sangat psikoooo bila tengok rides. Hannan would normally have to PAKSA wife dia naik rides. I think he enjoys my takut-ness rather than the ride itself.

My feeling on rides? Family rides, I love it so much, but thrill rides? Seriously takutttt. tapi bila dah habis...BEST!!!! So jom tengok what's BEST ride at Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Australia.



"An eerie silence lasts for just milliseconds before the car blasts backwards
rocketing guests out of a 206m tunnel at rapid speed hitting up to 161 km/h in seven seconds flat. Riders soar 100m into the atmosphere dangling for several seconds of stomach-churning weightlessness at its peak before plummeting back to earth…only this time it’s face first. Hold on tight and brace for collision because the ultra narrow tunnel appears impossibly small for re-entry"

oH MAN...baca description pun scaryyyyy sangat.


Survive the mother of all tidal waves!


"Transported to an island of sand, palms, shipwrecks and sharks, the scene is set  for the turbulent ride ahead. The Wipeout spins, twists and tumbles you through
a body-wrenching range of dumping breaker waves leaving you helpless -strapped in the middle with no lifeline"

This one sound much less scary. hehe. This 5 minutes ride will make you think you’ve just been dumped in big wave.


Giant_Drop_-_Dreamworld "The Giant Drop, was officially declared the ‘tallest, vertical free-fall ride in the world’ by the Guiness Book of World Records in their 1999 edition. Standing 119metres high (39 storeys), The Giant Drop is now a legendary Australian landmark"

I hate this kinda ride. Where you kinda free fall. So awak, sorry but I have to pass this one. *cries*

"The closest thing you will get to actual skydiving - don’t be fooled by the
amazing scenery as you are winched slowly to the top. The top floor is the sky and the only way down is a jaw dropping 120 metre plummet at extreme speed, a
rush like no other. During the ride, passengers experience the excitement and exhilaration of falling 39 storeys - accelerating at the speed of gravity (up to 135 km per hour), with their legs hanging freely."

ok bye sayang. awak naik dengan alfath je la. *cries*




"The Cyclone, is one of the tallest, high-speed gravity rollercoaster's in the Southern Hemisphere. Travel 13 storeys, experience 1000 tonnes of high-speed, heart thumping, hair raising twists, as you somersault into a 360-degree loop and screaming sidewinder. Be prepared to be blown away!"

Fast, i can do *blownails* hehe.



" The Claw propels adrenalin junkies nine storeys high, mercilessly swinging them back and forth at 64km per hour while twisting 360 degree full circles. Dare yourself. The first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, The Claw is the most powerful pendulum on the planet is now the most terrifying talon in the world"

sepatutnya the claw is the scariest of 'em all, but how come this sound so much better than THE GIANT DROP?

So that's the BIG 5 rides in Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Australia. Do you dare? Biz partners, are you ready? If I have to be on one....kita semua kena naik sekali..!!!!!

Those yang still thinking about the biz, travel package to Gold Coast still ON for the month of October. Just whatsapp Hane 0196210521 or email to know more about the travelling for free and business.

“to travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.”
―    Elizabeth Gilbert: Eat, Pray, Love