Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Handbag Storage

Firstly, I dont have that many..but enough to make me forget that I have some. Or for some bag to feel forgotten. Sorry dear bags..I love u all equally. OK, I lied..but I do love all of you.

Then, to add to my kacau-ness, when Hannan asked

"kenapa handbag Prada dalam stor..?"
on my defense, I was cleaning the house and temporarily put everything on my way in the stor


"dah lama tak nampak awak pakai handbag xxx.."
then I have to think hard..where is that bag sambil menjawab "ada la pakai...!"

My normal practise is, stuff the bag, put it in dustbag..and put it in my wardrobe. Tapi, (1) susah nak cari bag
(2) lupa bag apa dalam dustbag mana
(3) lupa choices of available bag
(4) Pakai 1 bag untuk jangka masa lama and lupa pasal bag lain
sebabnya? refer to #1, #2, and #3

So, to give my bags fair amount of fresh air and rotation and age cough.buruk.cough together, I decided to research how to store my handbags.

First, hook.

handbag storage

Nope, thank you. Already so many things hanging in my wardrobe. And most importantly, I think hanging handbag will damage the handbag.

See the strain that is cause by the hook to the handle of the bag?

handbag storage

Next is, open wardrobe. I like this one. If you notice, the divider is adjustable. Now where can I find wardrobe/cupboard like this? or who know where I can custom design this?


Next, glass wardrobe. This is great. Easy to see, and I can sit and stare at my small collections. I think I saw something like this at Ikea.


OK, might see you at Ikea this weekend then, bye-bye.

If you have great storage idea, do share..:)

Hane Hassan