Friday, 13 September 2013

Raya 2013

Salam, baru sempat nak update about Raya 2013. This time, kami raya di Kedah side first..for the first week of raya.

First day raya. Rumah Tok Wan sudah di-improvedkan. So kami sembahyang raya di rumah sahaja. That'll be my first sembahyang raya kat rumah. Siap baca khutbah raya ok..:) Pak Su - Imam sembahyang raya.




Lepas sembahyang raya, of course la aktiviti bergambar. 10 out of 12 my MIL adik beradik, anak-anak Arwah Hj Ali. My MIL anak #4. So bayangkan, adik-beradik ini semua pun dah beranak-pinak yang some sudah pun beranak pinak juga. Haha.


Yang ini gambar cucu-cicit perempuan Arwah Hj Ali.


Yang ini cucu cicit Arwah Hj Ali lelaki. Punyalah ramai kena bahagi lelaki dan perempuan.


Majlis permberian duit raya pun bermula..hehe. Sebab ramai budak-budak dan pemberi duit raya, memang meriah la. Boleh pula Husna time kritikal ini dia..........TIDUR..!


My turn bagi duit raya. Separate account, maka separate duit raya.


Raya pictures of us three. Baju Hannan tu actually we bought at Sofia Iman's booth at KLCC. One day before raya, when he picked me up from work, before we headed back to Kedah. but matching kan dengan baju Hane. Tapi Husna pula takde baju alang-alang takde, biar kontra terus..but I think this work..I always unfavour boria baju kain sepapan ni. Sedondon yes, sepapan..NoNoNo.

DSC_8582 DSC_8485

Then, kita makan, makan, makan sampai lebam. lol.




Then kita pergi beraya. Please note Husna dah tukar baju. Satu hari tukar sampai 4 - 5 pasang. Well, apa guna ada banyak baju kan. This one, Tok (my MIL) dia yang beli...bak kata yang lain Tok dia dah lama teringin nak beli dress...:) Fyi, adik beradik Hannan semua lelaki.


Seriously raya kat Kedah is hardcore. Memang keluar tengah hari balik tengah malam. I think before kahwin dulu pernah gaduh dengan Hannan sebab he ignored me during raya. Dengan alasan beraya. I was like "What?" Haha, sebab Hane raya sampai pkol 4 petang jer..itu pun extended dah tu. lepas tu lepak rumah tengok TV.


Che Mek ni memang pantang masuk kereta dulu takde orang kat driver seat. Dia sibuk pusing stereng. Anyway, how's beraya dengan kereta baru, let me quote Hannan "tak letih.." hahaha. Memang beza lah. of course la sebab before this bawa waja. Maybe kalau civic atau accord tak rasa sangat beza dia. But we love our new car. Alhamdulillah..!


Second day beraya. Seriously, macam mana nak ambil gambar dengan toddler? They seems to have too many things to go after. aihhhh...


Raya lagi. Jumpa family sana, jumpa family sini.


Lost track raya ke berapa. Husna with Tok. So schweeettt. Cucu kesayangan Tok...well, the only cucu sebenarnya. Mama Husna tak dapat la pula title menantu kesayangan walaupun the only menantu. haha.


We spent a good one week beraya di Kedah. Sempat ke Padang Besar sebab Hane tak pernah pergi lagi. Next time balik kampung dah aim nak ke Danok so buku merah jangan lupa bawa....and buku hijau jug for my maid, lol. Selasa malam balik Nilai, rehat sekejap then Rabu pagi terus balik sambung beraya di Melaka. tapi ketupat nasi dah habis. Overall, very good raya. Maybe sebab cuti lama, tak rushing, tak sangkut jam, kereta


Friday, 6 September 2013

10 Reasons Why You're Not Rich Yet

This entry of course la not written by me. Just thought of sharing and reflect on myself...:) First of all, RICH  is subjective to everyone. For me, actually having CASH saving of RMX,XXX,XXX.00 then able to spend on what I like. But how come I'm not there yet? So, in light of semua harga pun makin naik di Malaysia ini, bolehlah kita belajar one or two from this article.

1. You spend money like you are already rich
GUILTY..!!! Sometime it is not glaringly expensive tapi 2 skirts sini, 6 Arzu scarfs sana, 1 handbag sini, 1 iphone casing sana. Spending "little" money without thinking much...adds up real fast. So, kena kurangkan window shopping dan sesi "tengok-tengok" jer.

The problem is that as long as we continue to spend more than we have, we can’t start building wealth. Chronic overspending and high-interest, revolving credit card debt are your worst enemies when it comes to financial success. Spend like you’re poor and you are much more likely to become rich.

2. You dont have a plan
Well, i have plan. I just dont stick to it. lol :P.

Without clearly defined short, mid and long-term goals, becoming rich will just seem like an unattainable fantasy.And that turns into your go-to excuse for why you shouldn’t bother saving or stop overspending

3. You dont have an emergency fund
I do have emergency fund. This is one thing I standby for. Nak kumpul emergency fund, susah! Tapi bila emergency...senang jer habis. Tapi bayangkan kalau tiada emergency fund? Kereta rosak, raya, insurance kereta, major handbag sale, harga emas jatuh...aihhh we need cash for all that. ok la my example is blahh..but u get what I mean.

You need to have at least six months of income saved in an emergency fund. Too many people (including myself) get hit with a major unplanned expense, whether it’s a car or home repair or a medical bill, or an unexpected job loss, accident or illness that’s led to a drastic reduction in income. When these things happen--and they do, more often than you might think--not having a financial safety cushion can make the situation much, much worse. If you’re forced to rely on credit cards, you’ll end up sinking deeper into debt instead of, yes, saving to become rich.

4. You started late
Now is the time to save. One thing I regret, not starting early on my life insurance, on my investment, on purchasing my first property. aisehhh..but now I already have Financial-to-do-list for my child(ren) when they start earning money.

Time and compounding interest are your two best friends when it comes to growing money, so wasting them really hurts. Just like exercising, the hardest part of saving is starting. Even if you’re in debt, making little money or have a lot of expenses, you can still always save something -- even if it is a small amount. The sooner you get yourself into the habit of saving -- regardless of how much -- the easier it will be for you to continue and eventually increase those savings.

5. You’d rather complain than commit
Well, minyak naik or subsidi minyak turun..really sucks. But again, life goes on. Start now. Find side income, spend less, take responsibility. Of course we can continue complaning...just dont let it be the only thing that we do.

It’s easier to be lazy and let bad habits fester than to commit to --and follow through on -- changing them. It’s no wonder obesity and debt are epidemics in our country, and that millions of Americans have had to push off retirement. As long as the complaining, excuses and finger-pointing persist, so too will not becoming rich. Instead, take responsibility for your bad habits and focus on what you can do to change them. Then do it.

6: You live for today in spite of tomorrow
GUILTY as well. haha. I am such an impulse buyer. Yes, i do think of tomorrow but more like "esok tak de dah offer ini.." or "esok tak datang sini dah..kena beli hari ini.."

The problem is that impulsive and overly-indulgent behavior commonly lead to credit card debt, spending money you might have otherwise saved and, yes, not becoming rich. Do yourself a favor: Ditch the “buy now, worry later” mindset and instead, adopt a “save now, get rich later” mindset.

I really need to change my mindset to "SAVE NOW, GET RICH LATER" *cries* i really want to buy Celine Trapeze *cries*

7: You’re a one-trick investor
One of the worst financial mistakes you can make is putting all your money eggs in one basket. Doing so puts you at too much risk, whether it is being too conservative or too aggressive. Sure, the stock market is on a run and real estate is on an upswing again, but are you prepared for when the tides turn?

OK, no comment on this. I have my wealth advisor. Or shall I get 2 -3 more advisors?

8: You don’t automate
I do. that's the only way how I managed to set up my emergency fund. So kiranya lepas ni kena banyak lagi potong la agaknya.

Here’s the secret to saving: Automation. Saving is seamless when it’s automatic. Unfortunately, we are not born to be savers. We are impulsive and greedy by nature. Being responsible requires much more discipline. However, automation forces us to be responsible without too much effort. And all it requires is setting up regular transfers from a paycheck or bank account to a savings or investment account. Without it, we are much more likely to spend money we could be saving. Even if it is a seemingly small amount that you automate, those steady investments can make a big difference over time. Automate whatever you can whenever you can; just be careful to avoid overdrafting your account and try to increase your savings amount periodically.

9.  You have no sense of urgency
You might think you don’t need to worry about getting out of debt or saving because someone, or something else will save you. Maybe it’s a pay raise, a new job, an inheritance, a rich spouse, or the lottery you’re counting on. Whatever “it” is, you use it as an excuse to put off taking steps on your own to become rich. The problem is that very little in life is certain. Who knows what will actually happen, or not happen, so why not focus on what you can control now? Save now and save yourself -- just in case something, or someone, else won’t.

For me, that'll be my salary, bonus and hubby. 

10.  You’re easily influenced
The superficial, materialistic, sensational culture in which we live is probably the biggest one. The suffocating swirl of media that goes along with it makes it ten times worse. The trick is not giving in to temptation. How? 

Yes, i'm easily influenced. Especially when the SA is nice. How la to not give in to temptation?

Some of it is making conscious choices to avoid putting yourself in vulnerable positions. But most of it is having the willpower to keep the goal of becoming rich in the front of your mind, especially when you are tempted to sabotage yourself.


So, now that we know...marilah sama-sama being rich. Those would like to earn side income, can reach me via whatsapp 0196210521 or email Trust me, it is easier and fullfilling to increase your income than to cut your expenses. Let's live life to the fullest.


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Handbag Storage

Firstly, I dont have that many..but enough to make me forget that I have some. Or for some bag to feel forgotten. Sorry dear bags..I love u all equally. OK, I lied..but I do love all of you.

Then, to add to my kacau-ness, when Hannan asked

"kenapa handbag Prada dalam stor..?"
on my defense, I was cleaning the house and temporarily put everything on my way in the stor


"dah lama tak nampak awak pakai handbag xxx.."
then I have to think hard..where is that bag sambil menjawab "ada la pakai...!"

My normal practise is, stuff the bag, put it in dustbag..and put it in my wardrobe. Tapi, (1) susah nak cari bag
(2) lupa bag apa dalam dustbag mana
(3) lupa choices of available bag
(4) Pakai 1 bag untuk jangka masa lama and lupa pasal bag lain
sebabnya? refer to #1, #2, and #3

So, to give my bags fair amount of fresh air and rotation and age cough.buruk.cough together, I decided to research how to store my handbags.

First, hook.

handbag storage

Nope, thank you. Already so many things hanging in my wardrobe. And most importantly, I think hanging handbag will damage the handbag.

See the strain that is cause by the hook to the handle of the bag?

handbag storage

Next is, open wardrobe. I like this one. If you notice, the divider is adjustable. Now where can I find wardrobe/cupboard like this? or who know where I can custom design this?


Next, glass wardrobe. This is great. Easy to see, and I can sit and stare at my small collections. I think I saw something like this at Ikea.


OK, might see you at Ikea this weekend then, bye-bye.

If you have great storage idea, do share..:)

Hane Hassan