Friday, 28 June 2013

Promosi Premium Beautiful Raya 2013

Who are you wearing this Raya 2013?

rizalman raya 2013


raya-2013-collection-trend-digital-printazuraazwaBanyakkan designers produce RTW / Ready to Wear untuk Raya 2013. Rizalman, Syomir Izwa, Melinda Looi, MimpiKita, Hatta Dolmat, AzuraAzwa, Alia Bastamam etc etc. BUT, Hane percaya...pakai lah baju Vera Wang ke, Armani Prive ke, Dior ke..kalau tiada shape dan tak manage lelemak badan, might as well +_____________+ <fill in the blank>

Sebab nak kata pakai Jubah, frankly kalau undergarment tak sesuai, nampak juga bulge sana sini.

Jadi, Special from me, Premium Beautiful Raya Promo 2013; FREE Cozuma dengan setiap pembelian 1 set Premium Beautiful. So you will look BEAUTIFUL and RADIANT.

Premium Beautiful memang TERBUKTI berkesan dan telah menolong beribu-ribu wanita untuk mendapatkan serta maintan shape badan yang anggun, menurunkan berat badan dan mengawal berat badan.premium beautiful raya

Cozuma. What is Cozuma? Cozuma adalah produk keluaran terbaru Hai-O. 8 in 1 BENEFITS...!!! Hane sendiri telah cuba-try-test dan hasilnya sangat memuaskan! So, I would like to share this with you.



cozuma 2-horz

Harga Cozuma ini, RM198/box, which for me AGAK MAHAL for a foundation. BUT once dah try memang fall in love head over heels! Base + Foundation + Compact Powder dan 8 in 1 benefits. 8 in 1 ok...!

But with Raya 2013 Promo from Hane, you can get to try this AMAZING foundation FREE OF CHARGE!

So contact me and let's look GORGEOUS for raya. Kalau yang single, banyak mata memerhati. Yang dah kahwin, suami anda ada yang memerhati..:p

Hane Hassan
0196210521 |

Friday, 14 June 2013

BB Plus Collagen Business Plan

Dengan promo Buy 3 Free 1, semua berpeluang MAXIMISEKAN keuntungan BB Plus Collagen. Selain Premium Beautiful, BB Plus Collagen ini antara HIT produk yang senang untuk jual. Anyway, let's talk money. Hane seorang engineer so what does and engineer loves? EXCEL..! :) Harap-harap table di bawah ini dapat beri gambaran modal dan profit business BB Plus Collagen


BB plus Collagen Promo

Untuk yang join dengan modal RM20k ke atas, anda on FASTTRACK menjadi SOHONITA

- Earn 4-5 Figures Income Working From Home
- Side Business with full time Income
- Structured Mentorship Programme
- Be Part of Top Leaders Circle, The Leading Online Marketing Group
- Free VIP Travels 3 Time a year

So, do not hesitate to contact Hane to find out more ok..:) Look forward for your queries.

Hane Hassan

feature image:
btw, two of them are Premium Beautiful Agents in my group :)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Halal Food in Ho Chi Minh City


First of all sorrry because the last time I went to HCMC, I did not bring my camera. I really should try to be more rajin documenting my travel.

Anyhow, there are actually quite a lot of Halal restaurants in HCMC. and particularly easy if you have driver and you know where you are going. In this entry, I will just share the already well known and favourites among Malaysians, and quite easy to get to.

(1) Satay House, 307/25 Nguyen Van Troi Street - this is very near to the airport and quite secluded too. Rarely you will NOT hear the honks, but is quite. Normally Malaysians stop here before flight back to KL.

(2) Dong Du Street. Near Saigon Mosque / Renaissance Hotel. Along this street there a few Halal restaurant e.g. D'Nyonya, Halal Saigon. The street is in the centre, therefore expect a lot of Malaysians especially during weekends.

(3) Serai House - we tried this on my last visit. It is close to Ben Thanh. The food (at least the ones that we ordered) not that good tho.

(4) Kassim Baba Roti Canai - 24 hours. haha, across Serai Restaurant. Not bad huh? Mamak in HCMC..:). This more like gerai than restaurant. And there is another restaurant next to Kassim Baba. The restaurant is on the second floor.

(5) Saigon Green House - The nasi ayam here is good..:)

(6) Vietnam Delights, 174 Le Lai Street - The vietnam beef noodle soup here is TDF..! and I like the ambiance here. It looks modern and more importantly CLEAN.

(7) VN. Halal, 14 Pham Hong Thai - I went here on my first visit. Could not remember much about the food so, it must be borderline OK.

There are also other places, more to gerai than restaurants. I'll ask Hannan about it but in general that place will be quite difficult to get to unless you have driver and you know exactly what you looking for. BUT, for 3-4 days visit, I think the above restaurants should give you enough varities right?

Happppy shopping kain..:)

P/S: If you would like to experience life, culture and travel for FREE, my part time business offers the chance to do so. Do not hesitate to contact me..:)

Hane Hassan
Avid Traveller, Chronic Shopper, Food Lover :p / 0196210521

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Kami Pengguna BB Plus Collagen

Wah, siapa kami? Hane just nak share testimonials BB Plus Collagen antara keluarga Hane sahaja.


User 1: Hane
Sebelum company keluarkan BB Plus Collagen, memang tengah berkira-kira nak beli collagen sebab, well...sebab dah tak berapa muda lah. That time tengah riki-riki Sh****e. But, somehow tak berapa terbuka hati nak beli. Maybe sebab harga dia pun boleh tahan. Company keluarkan BB Plus Collagen. Cut story short, Hane guna and after 2-3 weeks..orang dah start puji muka GLOWING. Hane perasan, pori-pori dah makin mengecil. Bekas jerawat cepat hilang. Kalau tak sepuluh tahun baru nak hilang.

User 2: Emak Hane aka Aunty Norlenda
Hane bagi emak Hane makan BB Plus..main reason sebab JERAGAT yang kronik. Kronik sampai ada satu hari emak datang rumah, Hane ingat muka dia lebam macam jatuh atau terlanggar something. Lepas 2-3 minggu, emak kata kawan-kawan dia puji muka bersih dan GLOWING. Bila tiada jeragat, memang muka akan nampak bersih dan makin cerah la kan? Then, emak stop makan sebab Hane lupa nak top up kan bekalan BB Plus dia. Then, Emak Hane start complaint sakit-sakit sendi kat pergelangan dia datang balik. Masa itu baru perasan masa minum BB Plus, sakit-sakit sendi semua itu hilang!

User 3: Suami Hane aka Hannan
Yes, satu family Hane bagi minum BB Plus. Hane recommend kat Hannan sebab nak bagi lutut dia elok. Dia ade ligament tear sebab main futsal. Teruk juga. Sikit je lagi nak putus. Lepas minum BB Plus collagen 2-3 minggu, dia kata dah ok. Ok tu as in lepas main badminton, tak ngilu dah lutut dia. Sign of the ligament improving. And, He also give testimonial..tumit kaki dah tak pecah/merekah. Of course muka dia pun Hane tengok improve. Bekas-bekas jerawat makin pudar.

Since ini quick entry from phone, Hane akan update with pictures later ok..:)

Now ada BB Plus collagen promotio. Buy 3 free 1 and free beg.

Memang untung sebab biasanya customer memang tak beli 1 kotak sahaja..customer akan beli 2-3 kotak sekaligus.

BB plus Collagen Promo


Dengan promosi BB Plus Collagen buy 3 free 1, KEUNTUNGAN BB Plus Collagen business plan meningkat sampai RM15,000.


Untuk produk dan business consultation, please contact Hane, 0196210521 or email

Monday, 10 June 2013

Googling Korea


Remember that Hai-O offered Shanghai Trip before? Well, unfortunately due to bird flue, the TRIP is cancelled but FORTUNATELY it is changed to SOUTH KOREA. Well, I am not K-Pop fans, and I dont get Running Man. The only reason I even know the tittle because my brother in law watches it whenever I am at my parents-in-law house. Somehow that story? show? never ends. Haha.

But, many of my friends went to South Korea and they love it! Ramai nak pergi lagi, so must be good right? The only reason it was never really in my to-go places because I think it is difficult to do the itenaries on my own due to the language barrier..or I is malas..:p

And, I always knew that someday Hai-O will open a package to South Korea. hahaha. So, malas nak fikir, just wait for the package. Ask and you shall receive. yeay~ Thank you..! Cant wait for my own winter sonata. Occay, we actually will go during autumn but still great!

Receive the itenaries and I was blur~ These are among the names of the places in the itenaries. Are they famous? beautiful? shopping heaven? what to shop?


Namson Hanok Village

Lotte Duty Free + Star Avenue

Myeongdong (for shopping)

Lotte World Theme Park

Han River Cruise

Dongdaemun Market (for shopping)

Gyeongbok Palace

National Folklore Museum

Blue House

Insadong Street (for shopping)

Shinchon Fashion Street (for shopping)

Well, at least I understand shopping. lol. I dont even know how to pronounce most of it. Hence, I am now googling Korea. If you are familiar about these places and would like to share your own experience, do comment below, or can always email me at

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Towards Better Living

Currently, Hane is readingconfessionofanintrovert

(1) Confession of An Introvert - The Shy Gil Guide to Career, Networking and Getting the Most out of Life by Meghan Wier
Oh my, the title just screams at me. Yes, for those who do not know me, I am an introvert. Being an introvert sadly has many disadvantages. Entering corporate and business world, I just have to admit that extrovert or those that network well, wins the prizes. Most of the time, if not always. Corporate world, I dont care so much. But in business world where I see the golden mountain, better living opportunities, I just have to improve, improve improve. This book offers insights, the WHYs, and the HOWs. LOVE IT!jessica-alba-the-honest-life(2) The Honest Life by Jessica Alba
I am so incline to write that this book is not a promotional book of the Honest products. But halfway through, it feels that way. BUT, inspite of that, Jessica Alba shares a lot of insights of her Honest Living which is so normal, considering her Hollywood-ness. and, it is easy to follow. Since she also has the "keeping it real" tips, you feel more connected and occay not to follow her living words by words. Oh, and one of her tips for getting in shape after giving birth? She wears a corset!


(3) Slim for Life by Jillian Michaels
I was hoping that there is section where she wrote, you dont have to exercise. But of course not, haha. There are a lot of simple guide to lose weight. Guides that you could actually live with. You know the saying "it's not diet, it's a lifestyle"..that is what the book is all about. Jillian Michael keeping it simple the way to slim for life. I am incorporating her guides in my daily life. Except the moving your butt section. lol. not yet.

So, what's up with me and books? Well, I am an introvert remember? Introvert likes to read. Before, I was just turn off by the book prices in Malaysia. Now, I see it as self improvement investment. Who else should invest in yourself but you?

To beautiful charmed life.

Hane Hassan