Monday, 29 April 2013


We were on shopping spree for Husna clothing last weeend. Reason being, all her clothes sudah pendek-pendek belaka. Dont believe me?

Started on Saturday, after attending a friend event and met up with lawyer, first stop...GAP KLCC.

We found one dress that we love but no size in KLCC. Asked them to reserved it at GAP Pavillion, since we planned to have our lunch at Pavillion. We went to GAP Pavillion to pick the dress up, but the SA over there have no idea what we were talking about. And there were no sight of the dress. Frustrated, was the day GAP launched DVF <3 GAPKids. Oh my..! The collection is so pretty and colourful! They even have that wrap dress for kids. So i picked these..:)


Ohh, btw..during checkout, while I was looking for another clothes to qualify to become GAP members (I cannot believe I did not sign up from before..!) I suddenly noticed that dress that we saw at KLCC at the back counter. They already reserved it for me. So, yeay~

At home, when I tried that wrap dress to Husna..tak cantik..!!! Her cute round tummy make the dress looked a lot like bathrobe. The next day, we went to Mid Valley, sajer-sajer. So I brought the wrap dress and the yellow tight (to change size from size 4yo to 5 yo)..but of course that would not be all. And tambah lah lagi Husna DVF <3 GAPKids collection. She's a happy lil girl, or more like..i'm a happy mommy.


The DVF <3 GAPKids collection is only available in The Gardens, Midvalley and Pavillion. The pricing; tight RM69, t-shirt RM99, tee dress RM139, green dress RM139, wrap dress RM169 and maxi dress RM279

We were also looking for Husna's sandal. Masuk Pumpkin Patch, buy some. Masuk Gingersnaps, buy inilah hasilnya over the weekend. Mostly her clothes size 3 years old...while she's just 15 months old. So pakai sampai 3 tahun..! lolz.


So days after that, we (ehem, me) were on baju baru fiesta..haha. This one on the Sunday night itself. Tidur pakai baju DVF..oh anakku.


Hannan was on leave on Monday and he dare rasmikan baju baru during my abscence. This one, when going to rumah Tok.


The DVF tee dress for the night at rumah Tok. Yes, sibuk ironing.


The Gingersnaps dress for her friend birthday party on Wednesday.


After party, "kemas" rumah sendiri.


I think I am more excited with Husna's wardrobe...oh wait, and Nenek (my mom). The joy of having a daughter right?