Monday, 29 April 2013


We were on shopping spree for Husna clothing last weeend. Reason being, all her clothes sudah pendek-pendek belaka. Dont believe me?

Started on Saturday, after attending a friend event and met up with lawyer, first stop...GAP KLCC.

We found one dress that we love but no size in KLCC. Asked them to reserved it at GAP Pavillion, since we planned to have our lunch at Pavillion. We went to GAP Pavillion to pick the dress up, but the SA over there have no idea what we were talking about. And there were no sight of the dress. Frustrated, was the day GAP launched DVF <3 GAPKids. Oh my..! The collection is so pretty and colourful! They even have that wrap dress for kids. So i picked these..:)


Ohh, btw..during checkout, while I was looking for another clothes to qualify to become GAP members (I cannot believe I did not sign up from before..!) I suddenly noticed that dress that we saw at KLCC at the back counter. They already reserved it for me. So, yeay~

At home, when I tried that wrap dress to Husna..tak cantik..!!! Her cute round tummy make the dress looked a lot like bathrobe. The next day, we went to Mid Valley, sajer-sajer. So I brought the wrap dress and the yellow tight (to change size from size 4yo to 5 yo)..but of course that would not be all. And tambah lah lagi Husna DVF <3 GAPKids collection. She's a happy lil girl, or more like..i'm a happy mommy.


The DVF <3 GAPKids collection is only available in The Gardens, Midvalley and Pavillion. The pricing; tight RM69, t-shirt RM99, tee dress RM139, green dress RM139, wrap dress RM169 and maxi dress RM279

We were also looking for Husna's sandal. Masuk Pumpkin Patch, buy some. Masuk Gingersnaps, buy inilah hasilnya over the weekend. Mostly her clothes size 3 years old...while she's just 15 months old. So pakai sampai 3 tahun..! lolz.


So days after that, we (ehem, me) were on baju baru fiesta..haha. This one on the Sunday night itself. Tidur pakai baju DVF..oh anakku.


Hannan was on leave on Monday and he dare rasmikan baju baru during my abscence. This one, when going to rumah Tok.


The DVF tee dress for the night at rumah Tok. Yes, sibuk ironing.


The Gingersnaps dress for her friend birthday party on Wednesday.


After party, "kemas" rumah sendiri.


I think I am more excited with Husna's wardrobe...oh wait, and Nenek (my mom). The joy of having a daughter right?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Power of Gratitude

Now, I truly believe the power of gratitude. Just after writing this full of gratitude entry, I scored my first Chanel! Totally unexpected, totally unplanned!


When I was informed that harga emas RM128/g, I almost cried. Nak turun office and beli that time juga. But then bila turun ke pakcik Habib, it was RM165/g. So disheartened!

Nak dijadikan cerita, Hannan badminton got cancelled. Once we past 6.30pm, we would wait for Maghrib before making way home. After Dome and Maghrib, we checkout Habib anyway. But the SA was so blurrr and unhelpful that I was quite mad! Sibuk nak susun barang pula.

Then we went to LV.

Monday, 22 April 2013


Well, I am not fan of Hello Kitty BUT these HELLO KITTY collections from Zatchels are crazzzy cute..! How I wish Husna is bigger, so that I can buy one, or maybe two, or maybe three of these for her. The price is also reasonable (GBP55 for the barrel bag and GBP65 for the saddle bag) and the company ships worldwide too..!


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Being 30


Alhamdulillah, Hane turned 30 early this month..! Nothing fancy tho. It was Monday, I was on leave and at my parent's. Hannan was away for about 1 week already that time. So, when he called to wish birthday, I was quite sad because I miss him already. Then he said

Hannan: "Saya ada present. Saya dedicated lagu Shae, Sayang untuk awak"

Me: "huh?"

Hannan: "This year no material present. Saya bagi lagu Shae.."

Maka, lagi berjujuran lah airmata ini. NoOoo..bukan sebab sweet, sebab I seriously did not get anything. haha. So there goes my friends, no birthday present this year.

But now, everytime I hear that song I smile. Tho, I prefer smiling while looking at bracelet/watch/handbag but terima sahaja lah~

At 30yo, i'm thankful for what I have. I'm thankful for my loving husband, thankful for my loving family, thankful for my rezeki and health. I am still not 100% at peace with my bodyimage tho. I made a career change, and I pray to Allah for greater better achievements.

To all women born in 1983, let's embrace this year with grace and I leave you this article for your pleasure reading.


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Turkey Trip Overview

Salam, I know many of you waiting for this entry. Sebab ramai yang interested nak pergi Istanbul rupanya. Maybe since filem "Istanbul Aku Datang" which I have not watched. So first of all, why Istanbul? Well, because Hannan been there for business trip and he likes it, beautiful city. And this will be the first time we, as family i.e. Hannan, me and Husna off for our own holiday, so it'll be nice to go somewhere easy. Easy for the halal food, English speaking country and mostly easy because I hired a travel planner. lol.

Yes, I hired a travel agent from Turkey to plan for our journey. Basically, I emailed 3-4 reputable travel agent from Turkey, give them my estimated time that I'll be in Turkey, and they provided me the itenaries and the charges. Whats included in the charges? Well, EVERYTHING. From pick up at the airport, hotels, domestic flights (because we also went to Izmir and Kayseri), all the airport transfers, tours, and for tours that take morning to evening, lunch is also provided. So basically, we were chauffered around. No hassle to think which transport to take, where to go next, what to do next!

Well, if you look at the itenaries, it is no brainer, but all the arrangements made it easy for us. Again, with the baby, it was so much easier, and I get to enjoy the trip as well. The tours are local tour. Local tour meant you will join the tour by the local tour companies. OK, let me just copy paste from the Agent. Since I have experienced, I can vouch that it is true..:)

Our tours are provided on tailor-made. That means,  you will use the public transportation facilities with reliable local flight  companies but all your local transportation and tour services will be handled by  our correspondent agencies in the site. That makes your tour cost cheaper in  price but better quality in the service as all are provided by the local  specialists. Also, you will have more time to view the local life. Tours: All tours are made as regular. There are about 15-20 people mostly  from EU countries. There are less people on the tours in Istanbul as operated by  our company. The tour guides speak fluent English and licensed by The Ministry  of Culture. They are well educated and experianced. The tour vehicles are new  and air-conditioned midibuses. The tours include transportation with air-cond.  buses, entrance fees, and professional guidance. The dinners are not included  but the hotel are centrally located where you can easily find out a place to eat  and have a walk around. You can find all the recommended hotel names in the  programme. All the rooms have tv, heating, air-condition and private  bathroom.

Maybe due to my timing, the tour normally consists of around 8 people. The max no of people was 13 pax. And in Istanbul, for day 2, there were only us and another couple in the tour. Alhamdulillah, ALL our tour friends (we normally tour with different people everyday) were very nice. and much much much love to Husna for being such a good traveller. No crying unnecessarily, no poo poo in the minivan, haha. Although maybe not the friendliest baby, most importantly she did not cry and annoy other people. Yeay.

What could be improved was, the travel agent failed to inform us for the Pamukkale and Red Valley Tour, it is advisable to bring baby wearing. Hannan ended up had to carry Husna up and down the hill, the Red Valley was really steep. He carried her while carrying the rather heavy backpack containing Husna's stuff. Water, hot water, diapers, extra clothes, food, wet tissue. Why i didn't carry the backpack. Well, it was rather heavy and he loves me so much to let me do it..:p

Basically Turkey tourism is so good. Tour guide is actually a career. They are very passionate about their history and they should as their history is amazing! In the tour, you'll be brief on the history of each places. Which why I love joining the tour. It was not like you go, ooh nice place, take picture and go home. You can see in the tour that the Mat Salleh are very keen to know the history, but the Asians are very keen to take pictures. Well, including me of course, but it is also nice to know the history.

Anyway, this is our itenaries should you interested to go. One tips, I would not recommend you to visit Istanbul during the weekend. On Saturday, the Spice Market is pack and on Sunday, the Grand Bazaar is close!

Some pictures already up in instagram! do follow me @hanehassan and look for #hhturkeytrip

9/3 : Arrival to Istanbul : Upon your arrival to Istanbul Atatürk Airport, you will be met and transferred to your  hotel with our private van. You will do check in to your hotel once you arrive  (almost 08:30 am)

Bosphorus Cruise & Eminonu Tour : You  will be picked up at about 13:30 from your hotel, you will first Rustem Pasa Mosque, special with Ottoman tiles and then walk through the Egyptian Bazaar (Spice Market) built in 1664 and filled with the fragrance of the exotic East such as spices, dried fruits, turkish delights. The Bosphorus cruise by TurYol boat takes about 1.5 hour and you will see the most impressive sights along the shores of the Bosphorus including Dolmabahce Palace, Ciragan Palace, Maiden´s Tower, Bosphorus bridges, Rumeli and Anadolu fortresses and Ottoman Residences. Return to the hotel about 18:00

10/3 : Old City Guided Walking Tour is a guided walking-tour with a small group within the old city. You will visit  Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome in the morning. You will have  free time for lunch and in the afternoon you will visit Hagia Sophia Museum,  Basilica Cistern (Underground Water Palace), Million stone, Tomb of Sultan  Mahmud and ancient Ottoman cemetery, Burnt Column, Grand Bazaar. Pick up is at  08:30 am from hotel. The tour ends about 16:30 with free time in Grand Bazaar.  You will be advised by your guide for getting back to your hotel on your own.

My comment:
Grand Bazaar is close on Sunday

11/3 : Free Day in  Istanbul & Flight to Izmir : You will be free on that date (check  out at 11:00 am) and you will be picked up from your hotel at 15:30 for taking  17:30 flight to Izmir. Upon your arrival, you will be met and transferred to  your hotel.

My Comment:
We took the free time to go to Grand Bazaar in the morning till the picked up time.
From Izmir airport to the hotel at Kusadasi, it was another 1 hour journey.

12/2 : Pamukkale Tour: After breakfast, departure at about 08.30 am for  Pamukkale which is the center of natural thermal spring waters with healing  properties. Due to the chemical properties in the water, pure white colored  travertines and stepped water terraces have been created on the mountain slope.  It is for its resemblence to cotton piles that it is called ´Cotton Castle´ in  Turkish. Visit the travertines and the ancient city of Hierapolis which has the  biggest Nekropol with 1200 gravestones in Anatolia. The sacred pool also is one  of the highlights of the site. There shallow thermal waters ripple over a  wonderful scattering of ancient roman ruins that lie beneath your hotel.  Return top hotel at 17:30.

My Comment:
From Izmir to Pamukkale, the journey took 3 hours. LoL. I was anxious about long drive because I was afraid Husna will get bored and start to buat perangai. But she slept or enjoyed the view so it was great! So, to parents, bring toys food etc to keep your children distracted.
For baby, stroller is not suitable, recommend to bring baby wearing.

13/2 : Ephesus Tour: Pick up from the hotel about 9:30 am for the daily tour of the  ancient city of Ephesus. You will visit Ephesus which is known to be the  Commercial, the Religious and the Social Center of Antiquity, and one of the  Highlights of any Visit in Turkey. After the lunch, you will drive to Temple of  Artemis (Diana), the site of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world;  House of Virgin Mary, probably where She spent recent years of Her life; Isa Bey  Mosque, this impressive mosque from XIV. Century A.D. is unlike any other you  will see in this country. You will be transferred to Izmir Airport for taking  20:15 flight to Kayseri. Upon your arrival to Kayseri at about 21:40, you will  be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. Accomodation at Cave Hotel.

My Comment:
For baby, stroller is ok
Here, we also got the chance to visit the leather making factory.

14/3 : First Day in Cappadocia :The tour for Northern Cappadocia starts about 09.30 am from your hotel in  the morning, you´ll drive to Devrent Valley where the geografical formations  remind a place of another planet. Then in Pasabagi, you´ll take a stroll among  the amazing fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. From there driving to Avanos to have  lunch. After having the lunch you leave from Avanos to see the most beautiful  examples of Byzantine art in Goreme Open Air Museum. Then you´ll drive to  Uchisar Castle, the highest point of the region, where you will have a fabulous  panoramic view over Cappadocia. Then return to the hotel about 17.30

My Comment:
We were also brought to visit the ceramics and carpet weaving factory

15/3 :Second Day in Cappadocia :Depart from your hotel at 09.30 am for a tour for Southern Cappadocia  which starts with a 4km hike through the Rose Valley visiting the churches.  Afterwards visit the old christian village of Cavusin. Stop for lunch in Pigeons  Valley and then continue on to see the marvel of construction that is the  Kaymakli Underground City. You will also visit the Ortahisar Natural Rock  Castle. After the tour you will be transferred to your hotel. Accommodation at  Dedeli Konak Cave Hotel.

My Comment:
- For family travelling with baby and toddlers, and even elderly, you might want to skip the Rose Valley Hike. It is not easy! If you would like to join, bring the baby wearing. Dont bring the stroller. We did because walking towards the valley looks like you can push the stroller. But I ended up carrying the stroller up and down the valley afterwards.
- Also included visit to jewelleries and carpet weaving factory. Yes, we went to another carpet weaving factory because we have different guide from the previous day. Some of the people in our tour group was also different and they have not seen the carpet weaving.
- We did not fly the Hot Air Balloon because baby is not allowed. But if you are interested, I do have some info on that. Just email me

16/3 : Flight back to  Istanbul : You will be picked up from your hotel at 6:50 am for taking  8:50 am flight to Istanbul from Kapadokya Airport. You will arrive to Istanbul at  10:20 am by Turkish Airlines

Then, our flight back to Malaysia at 315pm.

Pictures will be uploaded on another entry. Simply because I dont have the pictures with me now at the time I'm writing this entry..:p There, you'll see more of the beautiful places of Istanbul, Pamukkale, Epehesus, Cappadocia and all the cultural experiences.

Feel free to ask me about the trip!

Much Love
Hane Hassan