Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fashion Blogger to Follow

Well, you already know I follow Dsaks.

It is difficult for me to follow most Malaysia fashion blogger because they are mostly hmmmmmm..rajin? Hehe, rajin in terms of layer-layer-layering up up up. Up to the point that I'm thinking "this is Malaysia, no?" And normally, there are a lot of "loose ends" if you got what i mean. I am more to something neat (ok, u can read boring, whatever..) But check it out, I finally got myself a new inspiration..have you heard / come across Kimberly of Penny Pincher Fashion? As the blog tittle, she is a penny pincher. What make it amazing is she looks like a million bucks! Definitely somebody that I can be INSPIRED from when shopping and dressing up.

Her pictures are amazing. Her blog also very easy on the eyes. Easy on the wallet..:) Make me wish I am still in UK to enjoy all those high street brand at super low prices.

IMG_3020 IMG_2993 IMG_2560

So you know the feeling when you see someone workstation clean and tidy, it makes you want to clean your desk. When I read Yuni's blog, i always feel like cleaning my house or making baking something for Husna. So thats my feeling when I read Kimberly blog. I suddenly have the urge to "clean" my wardrobe. By "clean" I meant shop for structured pants, accessories and more colour tops. And push me to put on make up too to look polish..:) that's good, yes?

So, who do you follow for fashion / style inspiration? Do share!