Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fashion Blogger to Follow

Well, you already know I follow Dsaks.

It is difficult for me to follow most Malaysia fashion blogger because they are mostly hmmmmmm..rajin? Hehe, rajin in terms of layer-layer-layering up up up. Up to the point that I'm thinking "this is Malaysia, no?" And normally, there are a lot of "loose ends" if you got what i mean. I am more to something neat (ok, u can read boring, whatever..) But check it out, I finally got myself a new inspiration..have you heard / come across Kimberly of Penny Pincher Fashion? As the blog tittle, she is a penny pincher. What make it amazing is she looks like a million bucks! Definitely somebody that I can be INSPIRED from when shopping and dressing up.

Her pictures are amazing. Her blog also very easy on the eyes. Easy on the wallet..:) Make me wish I am still in UK to enjoy all those high street brand at super low prices.

IMG_3020 IMG_2993 IMG_2560

So you know the feeling when you see someone workstation clean and tidy, it makes you want to clean your desk. When I read Yuni's blog, i always feel like cleaning my house or making baking something for Husna. So thats my feeling when I read Kimberly blog. I suddenly have the urge to "clean" my wardrobe. By "clean" I meant shop for structured pants, accessories and more colour tops. And push me to put on make up too to look polish..:) that's good, yes?

So, who do you follow for fashion / style inspiration? Do share!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

On Top of Google

Salam and Hello,

Remember this entry? Time tu memang HAPPPPY my humble blog ini dapat TOP 2 in Google search for "premium beautiful". Terus rasa semangat nak improve lagi..!

Then, actually on 9th January..few days after that, of course la Hane Google kembali. and GUESS WHAT? I am on TOP of GOOGLE.

Picture 3443

BERJAYA maintain TOP position to date..:)
Picture 3553

and, sambil tulis post ini sajer la Google "premium beautiful 2013", Alhamdulillah ada 3 entry terus, rank 1, 2 and 3 dalam page 1..!!!

PB 2103

Google BB Plus Collagen pula, still No 1 Page 1 Google. bb plus collagen copy

Alhamdulillah, happpynya. Hane bukan top blogger. So rasa macam mimpi la Google found me.

Kenapa Google search penting? Sebab basis business Hane, yang buat Premium Beautiful secara part time ini, adalah BUSINESS ONLINE. Meaning, people need to be able to find me, see me, contact me and hopefully buy from me with confidence ONLINE. Konsep Hane adalah "work smart". Antara office work and family, ishhh takde masa la nak buat business conventional, buka kedai etc. So, this is it! This is my virtual shop.

Alhamdulillah, my visual shop is visible in Google :)

Now, that Hane dah tahu rahsianya, time to teach ALL my business partners..:) Of course, new intakes ARE most welcomes. Just contact me to learn setting up Part Time, ONLINE Premium Beautiful business AND earn 5 figures income monthly :)

Hane Hassan
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