Thursday, 31 January 2013

Skincare oh Skincare

I am running out of my serum and moisturizer, time to find new one. Currently I'm using
Serum: L'ancome Genefique, Moisturizer: L'ancome Visionnaire,

These are good, but...saya cepat bosan. So now thinking nak pilih skincare mana pula. I read good reviews juga about Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus. Perhaps, perhaps.

clinique repairwear laser focusAnother one on my watchlist is Dior ONE Essential. Pretty hefty price tag, this one.

Dior One Capture Totale

Next one is from Origins.


Last but not least, is Kiehl's


Well, we'll see. Normally I bought the first store that I went with the nicest SA.


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Long Weekend

Long weekend = long eating fiesta..! For the very first time in my 29th years of life..I crossed Penang Bridge. LoL. And sampai Penang.. *woot*woot* Now I'm updating from iPhone, but most pictures in my desktop at Home, so stay tune ok.


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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Cities Skyline

I love to travel and see other countries. Selain dapat tengok negara orang, dapat belajar sedikit sebanyak culture mereka, and most importantly at some countries you can get cheaper designer goods :p

Read this articles, 25 Cities With The Most Impressing Skyline

"The skyline of a city is like a fingerprint, unique and as easily identifiable as a country's flag or a national symbol"

Tengok gambar ini teringat my first FOC company trip to Hong Kong.

Hongkong5Hong_Kong_Night4KUALA LUMPUR.
Yeay, MALAYSIA BOLEH! Truly amazing picture.

Been here as well..:)
Hmmm..not sure how to classify this. Hane dah pernah pergi Singapore but to USS only. So still cannot tick it off the list.
singapore skylineNEW YORK
My dream place. Big Apple, wait for me..!
new-york49 new-york1JAKARTA
Been here, done that.
Not yet but FREE TRIP TO SHANGHAI IS NOW OPEN. So I'll see Shanghai in 2013.
shanghai-China-waterfront Shanghai6ALHAMDULILLAH, for all opportunities given to me to travel and see the world (especially those fully sponsored ones :))


Hane Hassan
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Monday, 7 January 2013

Thank You Google!

Sangat, sangat gembira...
No la! bukan sebab Yuna / Aizat menang AJL 27, Congrats anyway to both of them.

So WHY???

Sebab.... bila google "Premium Beautiful", ta-da~ hasilnya, blog ini di nombor 2, FIRST PAGE..!!!..yeay~ Alhamdulillah.

Hane google blog

Siapa yang buat online business ini mesti tahu kepentingan Google Search Positioning ni kan :) Al-kisahnya, Hane manages blog ini sdn. bhd. Sambil bekerja. Dah la buta IT, tiada bantuan sesiapa pula tu. Not even my husband sebab 2x5 jer. Actually he is worse ke-buta-IT-annya..hehe :p So amazing la (for me) to achieve this.

BUT..bukan itu sahaja. Cuba-try-test Google the hottest selling collagen drink, BB Plus Collagen..Ta-Da~ Nombor 1, FIRST PAGE. Alhamdulillah. Even ahead of Hai-O Marketing. Hehe.

Hane google blog_2Patutlah makin banyak dan makin kerap email coming in :) So, thank you Mr Google. The power of Google right?? And of course millions thank you to my online customers yang order Premium Beautiful and BB Plus Collagen :)

Kalau Hane boleh buat online business sambil bekerja successfully, with the right guidance, SO CAN YOU!

Hane Hassan
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Thursday, 3 January 2013

December 2012 Outing

Dear blog Mama,

December has been fun..! Mama yang cantik dan baik hati dan super duper gorgeous (:p) took the week off and brought me out for outings..!!!

KLCC, my very first time :), met Ayah for lunch then we shop, shop, shop. I looked bored because I think I was bored.

Picture 3365Picture 3373Then, went to Pavilion. Also my very first time. That's me eating and grabbing whatever I could get from Mama's handbag. Oh yes, did I tell you I actually need to shop before eating *sigh*

Picture 3369That's us leaving Pavilion, and that was my shopping bag. Trying out outfits were so tiring I just refused to smile anymore.Picture 3372I came home knackered and slept the whole night. The next morning..what a suprised..!! Mama was still in bed with me..but not for long. She took me downstairs and made me tried out the clothes she bought day before. Yup, thats my new cloth, tak mandi lagi, handing Mama tudung so that we could go outing again..:)

Picture 3378And then, we were off again..yahooo~ Of course I accompanied Mama to sort her biz stuff first. Mama said to earn before we spend..We had lunch at Tupai-Tupai.

Then, we went to H&M...Our first time..! Mama said the clothes are cheap.Picture 3380Then, we went back to KLCC again..We did not bought that Pink coat from day we NEED to buy that coat eventhough we already bought one at H&M. I dont understand, but I am not alone. Ayah does not understand too.

Nevertheless, I was happpppy running around.

Picture 3381Picture 3382While waiting for Ayah to finish work, we went outside. The Christmas deco was so nice right???Picture 3387DEC OUTINGAnd during the weekend, otw back from Ayah's friend wedding..we went to Masjid Negara. Also, our first time.
Picture 3397I am such a happppy lucky spoiled little girl.