Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Chanel Colours

I L.O.V.E collecting classic handbags. Preferably from all Designers.

and what could be more classic, timeless and elegant as Chanel 2.55?

But, when purchasing the first Chanel, would you go for the classic BLACK?


Have fun with the colours...since the design itself is already a classic??

Chanel-Pearlized-Classic-FlapChanel-Jumbo-Caviar-Classic-FlapChanel-Jumbo-Classic-Flap-BagPB Chanel PinkPB Chanel Blue Green PB Chanel Blue Sky PB Chanel Dark GreyPB Chanel Pale Lavender

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oOooh gorgeous colours. I am torn between The Dark Pink, The Blue, The Green and The Red....and The White

Which one is your favorite?

Hane Hassan
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