Friday, 30 November 2012

Dream of Paris

Ladies and gents..!!!

If you are dreaming of Paris, I personally think this is a good deal..:) The tix flight is cheap and the clock us ticking before the offer ends. Great for shopping hearts. And great for honeymooners.


Cheap right. Lets just say 1 return flight tix + 1 Chanel Bag in Paris will equal to 1 Chanel bag bought in KL. got to enjoy and experience Paris!!!! Aisehh, macam jadi spokeperson for KLM la pula. Me? No, i am not joining you shoppinghearts/lovebirds. I've been to Paris. I am now eyeing for Istanbul Holiday :))) If you know a good deal, let me know. and jommm doa the next foc trip to Istanbul!

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