Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Premium Beautiful, Green Leaders Academy

Alhamdulillah, million congratulations and thank you for my idol, Hanis Haizi.

Green Leaders Academy is finally open *clap*clap*

OK, maybe ada yang confused, let me recap

B32 is our biz centre and stockist aka group batu caves bawah bimbingan CDM Chan, Madam Lam, Kak Ana and Abg Lan

Green Leaders Group refers to Hanis Haizi's group, the online pioneer for Premium Beautiful biz.

Green Leaders Academy adalah biz centre KHAS untuk Green Leaders Group!

Quoting Hanis
"This class is like a training center for new comers yang tak tahu apa-apa from this business, so WE HELP TO DEVELOP YOUR BUSINESS! We are the COACH and the TRAINER. We TRAIN people to become successful like us!!

Class ini juga diberikan khusus topic which is SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, because this is the MOST IMPORTANT tools dalam dunia marketing sekarang.."

Hane ventured into this biz WITHOUT knowing the importance of choosing the right group or choosing the right leader. Alhamdulillah ditemukan dengan Green Leaders Group. Group B32 memang sudah hebat, tetapi Green Leaders Group ada secret recipies yang group-group lain tak dapat hendak tandingi lagi. and of course special thanks to my CDM, CDM Salha yang tak jemu membimbing Hane dalam biz ini.

Want to know the secret recipies? how we are doing this beautiful Premium Beautiful biz?
Full time? Part time?
Everybody is invited..!

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