Friday, 27 April 2012

Holland Belgium Trip Souveniers...!!!

Fridge magnets, Holland and Belgium T-shirts, Key chains, Bell, tray, chocolates, waffles

Yang over of course la baju untuk cik Husna. Dah jadi kebiasaan untuk Hannan to buy local shirt wherever we went for holiday. So now, tambah Husna's t-shirt pula. Me? Errr I got other thing to collect.

Bought chocolates at Zaanse Schans. OMG, i am not chocolate lover. (and not a flower girl also, how lucky is Hannan?) BUT, I can join Hannan eat this whole lot. I think because the chocolate is more intense and not too sweet. Just writing about it makes me drooling.

aaahhh...stroopwafels, is anyone importing this into Malaysia? Maybe I should. This is this crisp waffle with caramel in between.

Last chance shopping. Bought this at Schipol Airport. Cheap!

happppy tak Husna with her i amsterdam t-shirt?

and for me

one for formal, classic design
LV Monogram Empreinte Lumineuse MM

one for leisure
LV Monogram Delightful MM

OK, this marks the end of "saya takde LV monogram in my collection"

Will take more pics of these two bags and tell u more on the handbag mayhem at Amsterdam.

oh, dah jadi habit plak bila shopping handbag beli dua terus. Last time masa HK, two Prada and now two LV. Next time??? ...:)

Thanks to this beautiful biz