Monday, 30 January 2012

Losing Weight Battle

After giving birth, to my beautiful daughter Husna Amalia, the battle begun!

Of course weight has always been THE PROBLEM but with extra 20kilos, the problem is heavier than ever.

I managed to shed off After giving birth problem WEIGHT PROBLEM..!! duh'aa, no suprised there, I still got 15 kilos to shed off to not pre-pregnancy weight, not pre-wedding weight but

Drum rolllll


Of course, after sharing many many many Premium Beautiful testimonials with Hannan, and my own weight loss success before getting pregnant, he'll go like

"kenapa tak pakai PB?"

(it's weekend and i have cheat days on weekend..sometime weekdays too, most of the time i'm lazy not motivated to put on Premium Beautiful at the comfort of my sofa, continuos munching and Hindustan on tv)

"kalau kak Ana boleh kurus, awak pun mesti boleh"

me: ooh, kak Ana jaga makan sikit juga tau

Hannan: awak jaga la makan

me: saya dah start la jaga makan ni (after done with 3 servings of emak's mee hoon goreng)

Note: kak Ana lost like 50kg++ within 6 months with Premium Beautiful + Lactolite..urggh, kak Ana, you are my thinspiration!

Truth is, staying with Emak makes it very hard to control eating but i'm getting hang of it and I still have 1 month leave left. Nevertheless, now, i am not pregnant anymore, it is just NOT cute that I weight more than Hannan

So, Premium Beautiful + Lactolite, i have faith in thee and yes, with a little self control.

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