Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Chanel Colours

I L.O.V.E collecting classic handbags. Preferably from all Designers.

and what could be more classic, timeless and elegant as Chanel 2.55?

But, when purchasing the first Chanel, would you go for the classic BLACK?


Have fun with the colours...since the design itself is already a classic??

Chanel-Pearlized-Classic-FlapChanel-Jumbo-Caviar-Classic-FlapChanel-Jumbo-Classic-Flap-BagPB Chanel PinkPB Chanel Blue Green PB Chanel Blue Sky PB Chanel Dark GreyPB Chanel Pale Lavender

Pics courtesy of

oOooh gorgeous colours. I am torn between The Dark Pink, The Blue, The Green and The Red....and The White

Which one is your favorite?

Hane Hassan
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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cheapest NEW iPad for Sale {SOLD}

New Ipad




RM1100 ONLY...!!!


WHATSAPP HANE @ 0196210521

Checklist: Travelling with Toddler

Oh my, I cringe when I saw this checklist..which handbag should I bring? *cries*

There will be me, Husna and Hannan. Just the three of us. Boarding the plane. Kalau kereta ok lagi, boleh bawa je semua letak dalam boot. But PLANE! How to pack? This list does give me some comfort knowing that I am prepared.

Bring extras in case of emergencies or delays
Pad to put under your toddler during diaper changes
You can buy disposable changing pads at supermarkets or reusable ones at baby stores
Bring a few for comfort, shade, and warmth
Plastic bags
Carry a variety of sizes for storing soiled diapers, clothes, and shoes
Small bottles of disinfecting hand gel and toiletries
Toys and books
Your child's favorites, plus several new toys for surprises along the way. Bring sturdy toys that don't have easy-to-lose parts
Your child's lovey
Clothes, socks, and shoes
One to two outfits per day is a good guideline. Denim and dark colors are good for hiding dirt and stains. Prepare for weather changes by dressing in layers.
Bathing suit
Lightweight and easy to pack, and you never know when it will come in handy
Washable bibs
Sun hat and sunscreen
Sippy cups, canteens, or bottles
Encourage your toddler to drink plenty of liquids to avoid dehydration, especially when flying
Lightweight plastic feeding set with utensils
Portable highchair to use at your destination - i will skip this, she does not even use the highchair at home
Snack food
Don't forget high-energy snacks for yourself, too!
(If your toddler uses one) - NOPE..thank GOD.
First-aid kit
Pain reliever and supplies for treating minor injuries
Laundry soap & Tablet Bottle Cleanser
For handwashing soiled clothes en route
Socket protectors
For childproofing rooms at your destination
Portable crib or play yard
Unless your toddler sleeps with you, or you've arranged for a crib at your destination - yeay toddler sleeps with me..
Collapsible stroller 
Can usually be gate-checked or stored in the overhead bin of an airplane
Baby Carrier
Since we will be doing a lot of outdoor sightseeing, baby carrier seems more suitable than stroller

Packing Tips

  • Start preparing to pack a few days before you travel. Keep a running list of things to bring, or put items out on a table or dresser as you think of them.

  • Use a diaper bag with a waterproof lining and a shoulder strap.

  • Pack an extra shirt for yourself in your carry-on bag — just in case.

  • Prevent leaks by packing medicines and toiletries in re-sealable plastic bags.

  • Keep your child's outfits together in one suitcase so you can find them easily.

  • Take your camera — and don't forget the battery charger.

  • Bring a clip-on reading light so you can read at night without disturbing your child.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

December 2012


December has been hectic, but FUN.

Early december, Hane still kat Miri..finishing up my project and polishing up my protege, harapan nak mereka cepat pandai, boleh berdikari..but remember GUIDANCE is only a phone call away~

6th December, Husna turned 1. How time flies and I thank Allah for this gift. and having a girl is such fun that I would not mind having a girl for baby 2.0. No, i'm not yet pregnant lorr, just saying..hehe

9th December, fly out to KL 1st thing in the morning. 620 am flight. Back to my family. My parents and Abg Eddy's family came to my house that day..there is this serene feeling when surrounded with your loved ones.

11th December, OUR THIRD ANNIVERSARY. yeay~ it (the marriage) seems brief. Probably because we spent at least 1/3 of that NOT living together due to work requirement. We missed the 1st and 2nd anniversary...but still no celebration for the third one. We took leave, managed to do Husna's passport. Then, managed to catch up with Hidayah and Kerol at Alamanda. That's it

Now back in KL office, work as usual. Premium Beautiful biz as usual.

I already applied leave for YEAR whole week. because I already expected hectic but fun and rewarding $$$$ the last week of DECEMBER because DECEMBER also


If you like to wait till LAST..THIS IS IT..!!!

~this could be your passport to enriching life~

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Friday, 30 November 2012

Dream of Paris

Ladies and gents..!!!

If you are dreaming of Paris, I personally think this is a good deal..:) The tix flight is cheap and the clock us ticking before the offer ends. Great for shopping hearts. And great for honeymooners.


Cheap right. Lets just say 1 return flight tix + 1 Chanel Bag in Paris will equal to 1 Chanel bag bought in KL. got to enjoy and experience Paris!!!! Aisehh, macam jadi spokeperson for KLM la pula. Me? No, i am not joining you shoppinghearts/lovebirds. I've been to Paris. I am now eyeing for Istanbul Holiday :))) If you know a good deal, let me know. and jommm doa the next foc trip to Istanbul!

Oh, if u r following my instagram @hanehassan, you would know about this do follow my instagram ok dearies..:)))

Monday, 26 November 2012

Look Thinner with The Right Bra

Alhamdulillah, all the below tips memang Hane follows and practise kan kepada my customers. Most importantly, the product, Premium Beautiful long bra and Premium Beautiful short bra memang memenuhi ciri-ciri bra yang berkualiti. and cara penjagaan yang terbukti berkesan; separate hand wash using the delicate PB wash. Siapa sangka, dengan fitting dan pemilihan bra berkualiti tinggi, dapat nampak kurus..:)

Wearing an unsupportive bra isn’t merely annoying. It can make you look heavier than you are and more importantly, can cause your breasts to sag, especially if you have a large chest. Follow these uplifting tips from our friends at You Beauty, and Susan Nethero, owner of Intimacy intimate apparel stores, so you can look slim and trim while giving your boobs (and body) a big boost!

Get Fitted

Get Fitted

The best way to find the perfect bra is to have a one-on-one fitting with a bra specialist in a store that offers a wide range of bra sizes beyond DD (stores can only sell you what they have, even if it means recommending that you squeeze into a too-small bra). The right bra will cup most of your breast and keep your set firmly in place. It should also separate your breasts by about an inch. If you wear underwire bras, the wire should rest against your rib cage and not pull away from the body, according to Nethero.

It's All About the Band

It's All About The Band

Think your bra support comes from the straps? Think again. “A good bra provides breast support from the band [across your ribs]–only 10 percent of the support should come from the bra straps,” says Nethero. In other words, if you slip off the bra straps, you shouldn’t notice a significant slump in your breasts; the bra should still be supportive even without the straps. Also, if you’re looking at yourself in a mirror from the side, the bra’s bottom band should form a straight line or the back can be an inch lower than the front of your bra. “When the bra angles up your back that will cause the cups to fall down,” she says

Don't Sweat the Sizing

Don't Sweat The Sizing

If a bra fit specialist tells you that you’re actually a 32 E (yes, E), despite the fact that you’ve been wearing a 34 D for a decade, don’t sweat the sizing. It may come as a shock that you’re bigger (or in some cases, smaller) than you were led to believe, but it makes sense that there would be a range of cup sizes that go beyond the typical A, B, C, D. After all, clothing doesn’t just run in sizes 0 to 6, so why should your bra? As with clothing, don’t get hung up on numbers, just focus on the best fit.

Start out firm

Start Out Firm

Start out firm. Although you want your bras to feel good on, you don’t want a brand-new bra to be too comfortable from the get-go. “You want it firm around the body and on the first hook so you have two to three hooks to go as the bra stretches,” says Nethero. “You want a bra that hugs and holds you because you wear them 14 to 16 hours a day.” In other words, like your best friend, you want your bra to deliver continuous support and be able to grow with you over time.

Have a variety

Have A Variety

You need to rotate bras every day to prevent them from wearing out too quickly and to let them breathe. So how many boulder-holders should you own? “Ideally, seven to ten, but that’s a large number,” says Nethero. “Women have too few bras that they actually wear–and a lot sitting in their drawers that are a waste of money because they are uncomfortable. If you have five working bras in your wardrobe that you actually wear, that’s good.”

yes, PB is made of high quality fabrics but with DAILY use, it is bound for wear and tear. Worry not, PB is lifetime warranty, BUT I highly recommend to have 2-3 PB short bras and at least 2 PB long bras!

Keep Them Clean

Keep 'Em Clean

Tossing your bras in the washer and dryer can cause them to fall apart over time. Using a standard laundry detergent to wash them will degrade the material and cut the bra’s lifespan in half, according to Nethero. What’s more, the intense heat of the dryer will cause the elastic to break and lose resilience. Instead, take care of your investment by washing your bras by hand and using a mild fabric care wash such as Ivory Snow or Nethero’s favorite, Forever New. Dry bras on the dryer’s delicate cycle or let them hang dry. “You’ll double the life of a bra,” she says.

credit to


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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Membazir Kalori?

New term! Well takdelah baru sangat, cuma now ni pegang kuat-kuat term ini.

"Membazir kalori?" (yes dengan question mark!) is opposite "clean plate" club. Hane selalu guna bila nak makan atau tengah makan. Bila makan di luar kan selalu ade perasaan sayangggg kalau tak habiskan food. Especially bila kat Dome's or Chillies or Delicious. Sayangnya...!!! Tapi Hane akan tanya balik "is it worth the calories?" or "membazir kalori?"

Dalam satu hari,setiap orang kan ada keperluan kalori sendiri. Macam mana nak tahu boleh click sini. Nak lose weight sangat simple! Kalori IN less than kalori OUT! Sadly, nak naik badan pun senang juga, when calories IN > calories OUT. Jadi setiap kalori masuk sangat bermakna i.e. setiap yang kita makan/minum dikira!

Jadi, tak nak la membazir kalori "just because"

"just because it's expensive so got to finish it etho tak sedap sangat pun"

"just because i'm waiting at Starbucks i might as well order 1000 calories frappucino"

"just because i've already eaten a bite or even half, does not seem polite not to finish it"

My train of thots sekarang --> Sentiasa fikir "membazir kalori" tak makan/minum XXX especially kalau tak sedap. Setakat nak alas perut ok la. Kalau nak alas perut tak payah pun makan habis kan? what if petang ni nak makan sedap-sedap dengan Hannan? Better save for that!

Some might say, membazir. Well, lagi membazir bila kena diet with meal replacement, lagi membazir bila nak buat protein diet. Lagi membazir bila bayar gym fees, especially bila tak pergi pun. Lagi membazir kena beli baju dan seluar baru sebab yang ada sekarang ni tak muat. Etc etc, you get the idea.

Contoh tak nak membazir kalori. Duduk di PappaRich sebab tengah tunggu tukar tayar. Lunchtime. Sangat teringin nak makan laksa + dah lama tak makan. Tapi bila makan tak sesedap yang dibayangkan. Maka, jamah sikit sahaja.

Actually kalau tak nak membazir, tak payah la order terus kan. Tapi itulah, bila keluar tu sentiasa ade naluri "adventurous" nak "rasa" macam-macam. Hehe. So, take it one at a time :). Good luck with this tips, it is MIND OVER MATTER.


Btw, siapa follow instagram Marion Counter. Memang terbakar tengok betapa fitnya badan dia post-delivery.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How to burn fat


Minus 7,700 calories = 1kg fat
Let's say everyday kita boleh cut back 300 calories, dalam masa 26 hari boleh kurang 1kg.

Nak cut back 300 calories? boleh guna trick ini dan of course amalkan pemakaian PB secara tepat! bukan semberono ajer

(1) Dapatkan size yang tepat dan teknik pemakaian yang betul. Size yang tak tepat akan menyebabkan rasa tak selesa, so last-last taknak pakai. Teknik pemakaian akan memudahkan nak pakai, nak pergi buang air kecil, buang air besar, nak buka. Jadi siapa kata pakai PB susah, *tough luck* anda berhak tahu dari PB agent anda!
(2) Mesti pakai sekurang-kurangnya 8 jam sehari
(3) Minum sekurang-kurangnya 2 liter air kosong sehari. Ini tak pakai PB pun kena amalkan ye
(4) Basuh PB sekurang-kurangnya 3 hari* sekali. Hari-hari PB serap toxin dari badan kita. Jika toxin asyik penuh terkumpul kat kain, macam mana nak terus berfungsi.

*dont be suprised, dengan infra red, tak basuh PB lebih 3 hari pun masih selesa pakai. Takde gatal-gatal. Tapi Hane recommend basuh at least setiap 3 hari untuk "purify" kan benang-benang PB. Barulah lagi effective untuk penurunan berat badan.

So, ambil average 1 bulan = turun 1kg.
10 bulan = turun 10kg. Lambat? Check balik berapa berat kita 10 bulan yang lepas. Jika mula sekarang, 10 bulan akan datang insyaAllah sudah kurang 10kg. Jika tidak, *jeng*jengg*jennggg* :p

Say YES to Premium Beautiful, Say NO to empty calories..!!

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Monday, 8 October 2012

The No 1 Corset x BB Plus Collagen

Annoucement 1:
FREE ONE BOX of BB Plus Collagen with every purchased of ONE SET of Premium Beautiful at discounted price.

GREAT OFFER: Starting price of Premium Beautiful set is RM1700!

Announcement 2:
For all online/offline health and beauty product sellers who have inquire about becoming BB Plus Collagen agent with ZERO capital, please check your email. And for those interested, please email me at Attractive commissions and free marketing provided.

Announcement 3:
FREE 1 WEEK supply of BB Plus Collagen with every purchase of either one of these items -long bra, short bra, waist nipper and long girdle.

Why Premium Beautiful and BB Plus Collagen? Because these two products are selling like hot cakes!

Happy shopping

Hane Hassan
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Who Need Two TVs?

(1) Property Show Unit:
Hannan: "this is good investment, nak beli ke?"
Me: "yeah..hmmm..boleh la, beli je la. got iPad somemore.."

(2) Baby Store:
Me: "This is too cute..!! Comel kan? Nak beli ke? Macam dah banyak baju..tapi cute sangat. Beli je la.."

(3) Seng Heng: somehow, we buy our electronics from Seng Heng
Hannan: "Nak beli ke? nak beli ke?.."
Me: "Beli je la.."

So, #3 happened during the weekend. We already got Samsung 46" Smart TV but someone (i.e not me) thinks it looks small. EVERYTIME lalu Seng Heng dok kata, "should have taken the 55 inch" and i'd wonder why. Takde beza pun. We rarely watch TV.

So on friday, somehow i saw this offer on Groupon

[Up to 34% Off] Sony 55” BRAVIA Series Full HD 3D TV OR Sony 3D Blu-ray Player. Choose Blu-ray Player (RM399) / TV (RM6,888) / Blu-Ray Player + TV (RM6,999). Free Delivery to Peninsular Malaysia

and i forwarded it to Hannan. Check the TV price at Seng Heng is rm7999 so seems like a good deal. Almost bought the offer masa itu juga, tapi.. I'd say maybe we ought to go and check it out first at Seng Heng.

I have this uneasy feeling of buying major purchases online. If online but it has physical store, then it's ok. Like when i purchased Medela freestyle from Plus, especially when we have experienced a problem with the 46" TV. There was a striking broken line in the TV. Luckily it was still under the warranty. Went to the store to lodge complaint, they came, inspected and the technician said he'll be coming back. He needed to order some spare part and will come to change it. 2 days later he came and changed the LED SCREEN. FOC. I thot he changed some small parts or wire but when the maid told me the technician changed the LED screen, memang rasa puas hati ada warranty. So imagine if we dont have the warranty! Or if we purchased it online. Cannot just storm up the store and complaint.

Price at Seng Heng with 5 yrs warranty is slightly more expensive, but once we were at Seng Heng we checked out other TV brand as well. Sharp Quottron is sharp but no Smart TV. Apparently we need Smart TV. dontaskmewhy.

Of course we revert back to Samsung with the SA high recommendation. lol. Apparently Samsung is #1 in LED TV Market. So kira sana kira sini, extended warranty 5 years, TV bracket etc etc, the price, i would say could get me a Chanel GST. Yes, i equivalent every major purchases with handbag.

So back to the question #3. Me, being very supportive wife or more to tired already with "should have gotten the 55 inch.." gave my blessing. And 50% contribution. which I could contribute to Chanel GST so awak better love me more! and now we live happily ever after.

Lesson learnt, just get the one that you want. Dont settle for less because you will end up with two TVs (or other items) and you wonder why you need two TVs (or other items). Maybe except for handbags. You definately NEED more than two.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Kuantan & Gambang Waterpark {Entry Bergambar}

Last two weeks, sempena dah habis raya, pergi melawat rumah abang Hane di kuantan. Hari jumaat tu, awal-awal lagi nenek and atok dah kidnap Husna. So, Husna and tuti bergerak ke kuantan ikut atok & nenek. Hane & Hannan gerak lepas kerja dari KL. Tapi ok, best juga long drive dengan husband sahaja.

Main activity adalah melepak. Sabtu petang ke Taman Bandar. Pagi Ahad ke Gambang WaterPark. Entrance fee Gambang WaterPark agak murah juga. The rides ok la, lagi banyak and lagi tinggi di A'Famosa Melaka (juga lagi mahal).


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

9 months

Moi, today, 9 months after delivering my baby girl. I can finally fit comfortably into my pre-pregnancy shirt. Yeay~ Happy day. Thanks to Premium Beautiful :) Still need to supershrink my bottom half, but indeed, happppy day.


How long did you take to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes? Hopefully tidak selama Hane!

Contact me for BEST PRICE and OFFERS on Premium Beautiful.

Hane Hassan

Monday, 1 October 2012

Tak Sempat Sarung PB?

Bangun pagi, RUSH mandi, RUSH subuh, RUSH bersiap, yes i know memang leceh nak pakai PB. Understood :p. No worries, Hane bakal share tips paling paling hebat sekali. MuahahahhaHa (evil laugh)

Tak sempat sarung PB?
Step (1) Pakai je bra and panty biasa dahulu,
Step (2) Bawa PB Set anda dalam beg. Handbag, boleh. Beg laptop, boleh. Beg menyusu, boleh. Asalkan bawa ke office
Step (3) Pakai sahaja PB set di office

Jika masih tiada Premium Beautiful set, boleh contact Hane dan ask for BEST PRICE

Hane Hassan
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Thursday, 27 September 2012

BB Plus Collagen, Cantik Luar Cantik Dalam

Terima kasih kepada yang order BB Plus Collagen walaupun Hane tak sempat nak promote lagi..:) sebabnya, tak lain dan tak bukan sebab sebelum ini tak cuba-try-test lagi. Jadi, setelah seminggu secara sukarela try BB Plus Collagen ini, dan sangat puas hati dengan hasilnya, barulah dengan senang hati nak recommend kepada u'olls..!!

Huh, collagen apa tu?
Collagen adalah protein utama bagi tisu sokongan dalam badan manusia. Ia merangkumi 30% daripada keseluruhan protein di dalam badan. Ia menyokong sebahagian besar sel-sel yang memberikan struktur, kekuatan dan kekenyalan kulit dan tisu badan.

Kalau badan sudah hasilkan collagen, perlu ke ambil collagen supplement?
Perlu la! Macam protein-protein tisu yang lain, semakin usia meningkat, semakin slowwww tumbesaran/penggantian tisu. Cuba bezakan kalau kita jatuh 10 tahun lepas dengan kalau kita jatuh sekarang. Mana lagi lama nak baik? Mana lagi lama kesan lebam itu nak hilang? Jadi, pengambilan collagen boleh merangsang menguatkan collagen yang sedia ada DAN merangsang pertumbuhan collagen baru.

atau jawapan ala-ala scientist, faktor penuaan luaran dan dalaman boleh merosakkan fiber protein, fibroblas dan vitamin yang diperlukan untuk merangsang penghasilan kolagen. Kekurangan kolagen adalah antara faktor penyebab terjadinya proses penuaan kulit.

Fungsi collagen please..

menghasilkan asid amino penting seperti :
: lysin,prolin dan glysin yang secara khusus diperlukan oleh tubuh untuk membina struktur tisu penyokong, dan untuk mengawal fungsi sel.
: hydroxyprolin- memberi kekuatan dan keanjalan pada tisu penyokong dan tulang glisin -melembapan kulit.
alanin, prolin
: asparagin -menstabilkan struktur,melembap, menegang dan menganjalkan kulit lantas mengekalkan kulit cantik serta menghalang penuaan.
: arginin - memudahkan tidur nyenyak, menghasilkan pola tidur.

Selain itu, collagen juga
: mengawal metabolisme tubuh dengan mencerna secara enzimatik.
: melindungi tulang rawan pada sendi daripada enzim dan kerosakan oksidatif
: menegang,menganjal dan melembapkan kulit.
: menampung air dalam tubuh.
: meningkatkan penyerapan kalsium.
: menguatkan salur darah dan melancarkan pengaliran darah di bawah lapisan kulit
: meningkatkan isyarat induksi
menghasilkan kualiti rambut dan kuku yang baik

Jadi, bila kita ambil BB Plus Collagen, dapat menegang,menganjal dan melembapkan kulit. dan benefits yang lain juga seperti kat atas. Tapi Hane minum sebab nak kulit yang lebih glowing..:)

Banyak kan collagen di pasaran. Nak pilih yang mana?
(1) Pilih collagen dari sumber ikan.
(2) Pilih collagen dari sumber ikan yang dihidrolisis.


IN SHORT, pilih la BB Plus Collagen. Thank u very much :p

Ikan? Collagen ini rasa ikan la?
Sila jangan buat fitnah. Collagen ini ada tambahan roselle. Roselle bukan sahaja tinggi vitamin C, rasa pun sedap. Kalau tak pernah rasa air roselle, rasanya macam air ribena.


Apa beza fish collagen dengan yang lain-lain?
First and most importantly, HALAL. At least BB Plus Collagen ini halal la. Boleh refer kat table bawah ini untuk perbezaan yang lain.


Bagaimana BB Collagen berfungsi?


Kelebihan BB Plus Collagen?
1. Dos yang Efektif. Hanya 1 paket (5g) setiap hari
P/S: lebih dr 5g – badan kita akan terus kumuhkan keluar
2. Kandungan peptida kolagen yang tinggi. Proses hidrolisis menghasilkan peptida (3k saiz Dalton) yang sedia diserap
3. Selamat. Bebas daripada bahan beracun (itulah sebabnya kolagen ikan laut dalam yg terpilih)
4. Perlindungan antioksida tambahan. Jus blackcurrant mengandungi anthocyanin untuk melindungi kulit muka dan badan drp sinaran UV dan radikal bebas
5. Anti Alahan dan Anti Radang. Ekstrak biji anggur dengan OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) mengurangkan ketidakselesaan kulit serta menggalakkan penyembuhan kulit.
- di pasaran setakat hanya ada 2 jenama yg mengandungi OPC dan salah satu darinya adalah BB Plus Collagen
6. Ko-faktor tambahan. Vitamin C dan Roselle menguatkan rantaian kolagen (penjual kolagen lain di pasaran biasanya akan offer vitamin C juga utk diambil sekali)
7. Mencerahkan kulit. Serat epal dan inulin (serat diet) menggalakkan pencerahan kulit.
8. Manfaat Tambahan. Peptida kolagen ikan adalah sumber Kolagen Jenis 2 yang membantu mengurangkan kesakitan akibat osteoarthritis.
9. Rasa Enak. Rasa enak campuran 100% jus blackcurrant dan jus roselle, tiada bau ikan
10. Tanpa Gula dan Kolesterol. Gula gantian semulajadi dengan Indeks Glisemik yang rendah, sesuai untuk para diabetes. Juga sangat sesuai untuk mereka yang tengah ber-diet!

Ingrediants BB Plus Collagen
Hydrolized marine collagen, grape seed extract, Vitamin C, roselle juice powder, blackcurrant juice powder, apple fiber, inulin.

Bagaimanakah BB Plus dapat membantu mengurangkan ketidakselesaan penyakit sendi?
Peptida kolagen ikan adalah sumber Kolagen Jenis 2 yang baik dan merupakan komponen utama dalam rawan untuk membantu mencegah keradangan yang disebabkan oleh rheumatism and osteoarthritis.

Harga: RM180/box
1 box = 20 sachets
Cara minum: Campurkan 1 sachet ke dalam air (NO HOT WATER!). Kacau or better yet, shake, shake, shake dan minum. Recommend minum sebelum makan atau sebelum tidur.

Untuk best price dan offer, boleh contact Hane.

Hane Hassan

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Testing Wordpress App


Wedding at Marriot Putrajaya. Love their huge mirror and super clean restroom :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Kecantikan di Muka Wanita

Found this on FB. Thot i'd share this here :)

Muka wanita nampak berseri, jika licin di bahagian dahi
Muka wanita nampak cantik, jika alis matanya lentik
Muka wanita nampak memancar, jika matanya bersinar
Muka wanita nampak anggun, jika punya hidung mancung
Muka wanita nampak ghairah, jika punya bibir merkah
Muka wanita nampak manja, berlesung pipit di mukanya
Muka wanita nampak riang, jika punya dagu panjang
Muka wanita nampak bersih, jika punya gigi yang putih
Muka wanita nampak indah, jika pipi berwarna merah
Muka wanita nampak ceria, jika rambutnya bercahaya

Good news is semua pun boleh dicapai dengan penjagaan dan penataan diri :) Seriously, go to facial, ambil supplement, ambil collagen (i recommend BB Plus) pakai good and suitable skincare, make up, belajar tips and trick make up, minum banyak air mineral, buat hair treatment, see dentist, do teeth whitening, should be boleh cover dah items kat atas. Except lesung pipit la. If you are not born with it, thats it la. Tapi nak manja, SMILE manja-ly pun ok.

Not so good news, caring and maintenance is EXPENSIVE. Itu baru untuk muka ye. One of the reason I do Premium Beautiful biz so that I can afford all of the above. Stress-free and worry-free bila nak spend untuk diri sendiri. Plus, company memang keluarkan product yang memang Hane pakai (selain Premium Beautiful of course) e.g. Maharani, untuk kesihatan dalaman, Celgynic untuk kuku dan rambut, Lactolite untuk detox dan terbaru BB Plus Collagen, untuk kecantikan kulit. Dapat harga ahli, dapat bonus, share the goodness of the product, dapat earn money. So, sambil jaga diri, make money too. I like :)

Hane Hassan

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bateri Aiman Rindu Atok

You know those time when you look at watch and cant believe

(A) what?? it is already ___ o'clock - usually when you are having fun
(B) what?? it is still _____ o'clock - usually on monday morning

so, was having dinner/supper at kitchen when I look at the wall clock and cant believe the time. My immediate response to Hannan was

Me: Bateri jam ni rosak. ye ke dah pukul 10?
Hannan: eyhh tolong sket. saya beli bateri aiman rindu atok.
Me: huh?
Hannan: bateri-aiman-rindu-atok

I found it funny, because I always make fun how the boy in the radio-ad says that line.

Thank you for reading snippet of our "adventurous" life

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Annas Easkey x Hane Hassan

Makeup by Chika, dress by Syomir Izwa
Hannan cakap cantik....! *blush* thanks Annas :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Tesco Wonders

We rarely, by rarely I meant NEVER bring Husna out for grocery shopping. Or for that express shopping at Tesco/Giant/7Es or any supermarket. Why? Simply because we dont have to. On Friday, we went for Sime Darby open house then hantar Hannan for friday prayer. In the meantime, we went to Tesco to get some necessities for Hannan for travelling to Rusia (read: maggie mee) ;p.

I can fit into my Uluwatu kebaya already..BIG SMILE! Paired that with palazzo pants from kedai-across-Arzu-KLCC and tudung malas. Am not wearing PB in this picture. 

This might be the second or 3rd time of her life (cewah..) she's in Tesco galore. So no wonder she looks sangat curious.

Yes, i know..mismatch of headband and dress. Takpelah, colour blocking kan sOoo IN sekarang ni kan? kan?

Hane Hassan
019 621 0521

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Husna Birth Story Part 2

So, where do I stop? OK, so Dr. Tan decided to proceed with drip. Terus masuk labour room, and start drip.

0830 am: masuk labour room

0900 am: breakfast dulu. ate porridge rice.

1000 am: Dr. Tan masuk and pecahkan air ketuban. I thought it would be "ngilu"..tapi OK jer, in fact takde rasa apa-apa selain rasa air suam keluar. Before she left, she said "by petang ni should be dah boleh deliver" okie dokie. Still tak sakit at this time. Chillax~
Afterwards, nurse offers to inject painkiller. I kindly refused. cewah, berlagak. Sebab tak sakit lagi la..!

1030 am: rasa nak terkenc-, nurse letak macam besen but I cannot go. lepas 5 mins rasa tak selesa nak kenc- tapi tak kenc-, suruh hannan tanya nurse boleh tak nak pegi toilet, nak kenc- kat toilet..haha. Dengar dia tanya nurse tu kat luar, nurse tu cakap "manaaaa bolehhh.." haha.

1040 am: dah rasa sakit. Bila sakit terus rasa nak termuntah. sementara Hannan panggil nurse tu dah termuntah ke lantai. Nurse sampai dengan besen, tapi too late. and dia suruh habiskan je muntah ke lantai, nanti dia panggil cleaner. I'm sorry makcik! terus bagitau kat nurse dah start rasa sakit, oh no *_* nurse check dah 4cm. Nurse bagi the injection, lega~ It was not epidural. The next one if tak tahan, she'd give epidural.

1040 to 1105 am: tahan sakit, baca doa banyak-banyak, tahan sakit. I think at some point ade tertido. Boleh tido tu maknanya tak sakit sangat la eh? or injection tadi tu memang pain reliever

1105 am: dah tak tahan sakit..! suruh Hannan panggil nurse lagi. Plannya nak ambil epidural. Nurse kata dia check dulu. Oh, dah 10cm. Nurse terkejut sebab cepat sangat. Remember before doctor budget petang baru deliver? Nurse kata dah tak boleh bagi epidural. too late! dia bagi gas. sambil rushing keluar nak panggil Dr Tan, dia cakap "tahan dulu, jangan push.." errr..macam mana nak tahan? memang bila the contraction, rasa nak push.

1110 am: Dr sampai, la la la..seriously, sangat rilek la doctor-doctor ni kan? make the incision, sebab dah tahu baby besar kan and start la "pushing". before this tak pernah pergi pre-natal class, so belajar push masa tu juga. The nurse yang ada dalam bilik tu memang macam cheer leader ok, instructing and cheering.

1120 am: after 5 pushes (ini Hannan yang bagitau), selamat melahirkan baby girl. 3.5kg, well done me :) Alhamdulillah semua selamat.

And yes, it is true, delivered normal terus hilang rasa sakit. I can even fb-ing while waiting to be transferred back to my room. Alhamdulillah. All I can hear after that was nurse dok puji kulit baby bersih and siap tanya petua kat Hane. Since I was blur, tak paham actually apa yang bersih nya, dia tanya Hannan pula Hane makan apa masa mengandung. Seriously dia impressed and terkejut sebab baby sangat bersih. Hannan jawab "dia makan macam-macam.." lol.

Afterwards, rasa mengantuk sekejap. sebab banyak sangat sedut gas tu agaknya. dah nurse tu kata kalau sakit, ambil gas. over plak. But before tolak balik ke bilik, sempat breastfeed baby. In terms of pro-breastfeeding, I'd give PCMC 5 star rating. They really went all out to assist and make sure mommies can execute.

itu rupanya yang nurse tu maksudkan bersih. no that waxy-waxy thingy. Gambar ini memang baru keluar, tak lap apa-apa pun lagi. baru nak lap and wrap. and kesan yang ade tu pun terkena darah Hane. Anyway, Alhamdulillah, Hane pun takde berdarah sana sini. darah sikit macam luka paper cut sket jer sahaja.

Alhamdulillah for the easy delivery. 1120 am, weight 3.5kg, length 54cm, head circumference 33cm. Thank you to hubby yang sudi teman masa labour. Dulu-dulu beriya kata taknak, even masa tengah deliver pun duduk tepi taknak tengok. tapi lepas nurse and doctor beriya panggil masa "crowning" dia tengok la juga. Then bila dah lepas and dah selamat semua giler eksyen kat kawan-kawan yang belum go through lagi "dalam TV tu exaggerated jer..takde ape pun.." lol

Thank you to all family and friends who came visit and brought prezzies. This is half of the prezzies. Masa nak balik kena ada 2 kereta, one car just to bring all the prezzies home.

Semoga terus sihat dan murah rezeki ye Husna.


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Weekend Raya #1

Title cam busy je ye dak? Tapi takde penuh dengan open houses pun. Yang bestnya weekend raya #1 ini sebab long weekend. MERDEKA!

Jumaat, rilek and rejuvenate.

Sabtu, syira's open house.
(gambar di rumah sendiri, sebelum pergi. kat rumah orang tak sempat nak bergambar) 

Afterwards, blank tak tahu nak pergi mana. Nak pergi the other open house macam dah terlambat. So alang-alang kat KL, Hannan ajak tengok showroom Saville @ Melawati. Nak tanya progress updates and all.

Sampai kat situ, rupa-rupanya show unit untuk Saville @ Melawati sudah berganti dengan Saville @ The Park. Remember I got the invitation before? Hmmm..tengok-tengok macam menarik. Bumi lots still ade few vacants. Location-wise, strategic, I would say. At Parkhill, Bangsar. Rent-able. Because if we purchase this, it would be for investment.

Masuk show unit, cantiknya..! Creative sungguh ID. Tanya harga ID, memang patut lah creative..:p The layout is more open and looks bigger than Saville @ Melawati. We fell in love. Now, the question is to buy or not to buy?

Bumi enjoys 5% discount, so we only need to put down another 5%. And, since I already have purchased Saville @ Melawati, there might be the possibility of promotion "buyer-get-buyer" with cash reward of RM6,888.

Mampu, insya-Allah mampu. Afterall, bukan kena serve the loan 100% immediately pun. Not until 2015. Tapi...we just would like to have comfortable buffer in our finances because we've been talking about purchasing another car. And by car, Hannan is referring to continental, preferably German-made ;p

For booking, we only need to put down rm10,000 and can settle the rest of the deposit during S&P signing. Hmmm..nak beli ke tak beli? Dah nak swipe je that rm10k, hehehe, now I know the joy of having zero balance credit card. In case of "emergency".. Anyway, I think this condo will be a good investment, Hannan thinks it'll be good investment, so why not? Tapi kalau tiba-tiba esok nak beli kereta, howww? So, apa-apa, balik dulu la. Mandi, sembahyang, kira-kira, fikir dulu.

Pilih-pilih unit dulu.

This is for Block A. Green stickers indicated SOLD.

Unit A and Unit B

Ahad. Wedding at Menara TM. Macam ada jodoh la pula. Sangatlah dekat dengan location Saville @ The Park. So before we went to the wedding, we went and have a look at the site. Yes, the location is happening. And from that site to Menara TM pun dekat, towards Midvalley less than 10 mins, has LRT Putra, University Station, should be no problem if we were to rent out, insya-Allah. Yet still undecided nak beli ke tak. So pergilah makan kenduri kahwin dulu.

So, at kenduri kahwin, dah nak balik discuss a little more about this. Phewww..buying property is not that easy huh? banyak kali bincang dah ni. Lastly decided, ok la jom tengok sekali lagi. Tapi...Saville office itu sederet dengan volkswagen showroom. Sempat la pulak masuk showroom volkswagen. aiseh, Hannan been eye-ing volkswagen cc. satu hal la pulak. Takkan at the same weekend nak beli condo and volkswagen? Plus, i prefer BMW.

Ok, now back to Saville office. Last night ingat nak beli level 2 but level 2 tu nanti menghadap bumbung rumah orang. tengok-tengok unit availabe, not that many choices left that is within our budget. and minta the sales person confirmkan about cash reward rm6,888...turned out, takde..! itu kalau recommend for Saville @ Melawati. So, if you are purchasing Saville @ Melawati, please contact me before you buy. We can share-share ;p.

Tapi..rupanya ade other promotion. Namely "Loyalty Programme" That one if you have purchased previously from Metro Kajang, you are entitles to enjoy 1.5% off from total property price. Now say whattt??

Downpayment 10%
less Bumi discount 5%
 less Loyalty discount 1.5%
So, we only need to pay 3.5% for the downpayment! Cool huh?

So, ambil je la. We picked other unit at level 15. Tinggi sket, baru ade feel condo..:p Thank you for reading this long entry. If you are here to find details about Saville @ The Park, I intended to make another entry about Saville @ The Park

Husna: yeay, saya berjaya dapat condo. Tak sia-sia datang tempat "can-touch-nothing" ini 2x.

Day Before Raya, Congrats K.Ida

On Saturday, just as we were preparing to go back to Melaka to start off our Raya holidays, heard a good news that cousin Ida delivered her baby already. Oh, after being a mommy, newborn news is somewhat a happy news. Before this, takde perasaan pun.

Got baby?

Maybe because now i know the "labour" process and of course the smell of newborn. Their youth! only seconds/minutes/hours/day old. If only can transfer that youth to me everytime I smell them, I would linger around labour room. Hehe.

Anyway, congrats kak Ida on your newborn

[caption id="attachment_318" align="aligncenter" width="336"] on the way to kpj with the not-so-baby baby[/caption]


Monday, 3 September 2012

Husna Birth Story Part 1

I have been enjoying reading friends' birth stories. Some are err..menakutkan, some are so touching. I just thot i'd write down mine before I forgot because I would say I had rather easy first born delivery, Alhamdulillah..:)

Saturday, 03/12/11 went for my 38th week checkup. Not so good news, my weight increase like +2kg from my previous visit, which was like a week before..huhu, then Dr. Tan scan my baby and she already weighted 3.8kg, oh nooOo..! the weight increase exponentially. doc was worried that by the 40th week, the baby will be 4kg++ and normal delivery would be difficult and chances for surgery was high. As much as I was scared of delivering normal, i heard worst stories about caesarian aftermath, so kalau boleh memang nak normal. Doc checked my opening, and already 1 cm. She was so happy. She said, "OK, you can admit for delivery this monday..." and I was so blurr, err so hurry? and actually i had this picture of delivering baby, u know, i woke up in the middle of the night, feeling pain in the stomach, hannan rushing me to hospital..damn, nasib baik tak pernah buat drive test from rumah ke pcmc lagi. anyway, doc said better not even wait for another week. My baby was so very happy and comfy inside mommy tummy that she was growing exponentially.

Dr. Tan explained that I would be induced for labour. I only heard/read about induced because the baby was late, not early induced. But then, I was not the most knowlegable mommy to be. She gave me the admission letter for me to "check-in" on Monday evening.

So, i had saturday afternoon and sunday to pack, and boy, we packed a lot. Macam pergi check in hotel. 1 bag for me, 1 bag for baby and 1 bag for Hannan. Hannan even bawa workwear (in case he wants to go to office before delivery? during delivery? after delivery? i donnnnnt even know.!) Doc did alert that if I feel any pain during the weekend to just go straight to the hospital, but throughout the weekend, i felt fine just nervous thinking about monday.

Monday, 5th we went to work. Yes, i actually went to work that day. But when people asked me "bila nak beranak.." instead of "tentative 11/12.." i'd replied "malam ni.." how cool was that?? and yes, people did not expect that answers actually. So, sempat lah settlekan urusan kerja and applied cuti, bye-bye sana sini. Afterwork, guess what? I went to stockist, haha, sempat lagi. Because during the weekend got PB set orders. So same Q&A at the stockist too, sempat belajar few delivery techniques and doa-doa hendak bersalin. But when madam said "ooh hari ini takde baby, esok ada baby.." oh my..that time it hit me. Esok ada baby. Monday, no baby. Tuesday, got baby.

Next, i went to KLCC to post the PB set and met Hannan. The "check in" time was 9.30pm. So for my dinner before delivery, I had salmon at Ben's, KLCC. Been eating lavishly during pregnancy hehe, no wonder baby was growing happily. But during dinner, all the time we kept thinking, ooOh, lepas ni nak pergi serah diri.

Checked in PCMC. Since we already got the admission letter from Saturday visit, the process was brief. Remember that we packed a lot? Haha, sampai sana tau malu. We did not carry all the bag at the same time. Mula-mula bawa my bag and baby bag, then Hannan came down and took his bag. The staff nurse came in and prep me. Checked my opening and it was still 1 cm. Apparently, 1 cm opening is nothing y'all. You could go with 1 cm for weeks! She told me that she was going to insert the pill to induce the labour around 12pm. So tick tock tick tock, I was bored. But good thing was I got time. Time to call my mom and my MIL. To ask for forgiveness. a'ha..tau takut! Salam raya pun tak syahdu macam ni tau. and of course la minta maaf from Hannan. I think I did threaten him to forgive me and halalkan makan minum.

The staff nurse did give warning that I'll feel the pain through the night, but rest assured that she'll keep checking up on me. thank God. Earlier, someone was thinking nak tumpang tidur kat katil, pffttt. Luckily nurse is checking up on me However, I slept soundly throughout the night. No pain. When the nurse came in the morning, she was also suprised and said that I slept really well. Not affected by the pill at all. err...wowww?

She checked my opening, roughly 1.5cm and while her hand still inside of me, the nurse said..hmmm let me help you. Godek-godek, "ok, it is 2 cm now" The progress was very slow. That time I was like huh? 1.5cm - godekgodek - 2cm. But afterwards I started to feel little pain like the starting of period pain. So the next step was to confirm with Dr. Tan whether to insert another pill or go straight to labor room and put me on drip, which was supposed to make the labor process faster.

Okiess, to be continued to Part II

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Premium Beautiful RAYA Promo

Ladies, sempena raya, Premium Beautiful promotion is back


Premium Beautiful HARI RAYA Promo is back!


Salam Ladies (and gents)

I am glad to bring to you this GREAT HARI RAYA Promo


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Friday, 10 August 2012

Photoshoot with Annas Easkey

OMG, thanks to CDM Salha Zain for arranging this. Siapakah Annas Easkey ini? Annas ni mula Hane kenal bila Salha kuarkan pic profile ini, yes, the photographer adalah Annas. curlasttt bukan?

But of coz once sudah di dalam radar Premium Beautiful group, terus terjah blog dia tengok hasil kerja dia. Memang ada class..!!

Annas blog:


Then, as great as she is, Salha pun arrangekan photoshoot with Annas Easkey and her group, best tak leader kami ini? sangattt best..!!!

And, on the day memanglah masing-masing bawa baju sendiri TAPI..Salha bawa ntah-berapa-banyak-bag of clothes, shawls and accessories. cantik-cantik pulak tu. So, the accessories yang Hane pakai courtesy of Dewi and Salha. haha, i just realised i am not accessory person. hmmm.

Photoshoot dengan Annas sangat best ok. Dia bagi direction simple jer. Siap dengan expressions terus. sebab sangat lah pro, sekejap jer. tiba-tiba dia kata dah..huh? macam tak puas je lagi..cewahh..sekali lalu tengok hasil photoshoot tu dalam camera..wahhh, sangat lawa (puji diri sendiri ke?)

 Make-up by Cika. For info, Annas boleh make-up juga ye. Kalau tak silap, pics above semua pun Annas yang make-up. Cuma masa photoshoot, since Annas kena shoot 15 ladies, tak sempat la nak make-up kan juga.

Macam tak percaya jer, my first ever photoshoot is with Annas Easkey..:) dont play play, Top Malaysia Photographer tuuu..

For real people..! you can have your own photoshoot with Annas Easkey F.O.C..!! Enter the Premium Beautiful Next Top Model Contest

Just contact me to enter

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