Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Premium Beautiful Latest Promo..!

hello gorgeous L&G,

after a lonnnnng~ hiatus on Premium Beautiful promo,
I would like to give a lil PROMO ..

Just plain CHEAP Premium Beautiful price for you

how cheap? can save a lot for raya :p

contact me at 0196210521 or hanehas@gmail.com 
to find out..!

oh, actually this promo comes with free PB wash too =)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dah Kaya? Getting There…

Q1: Kau dah kaya keeeee..???
Q2: Bila nak pakai beemdoubleuuuu..???
Q3: Bila nak resignnnnnn…???
Ahaks, these are the most frequent questions from my “friends”.
Insya-Allah, insya-Allah, insya-Allah is all I can say. Terima kasih banyak-banyak mendoakan kejayaan dan kesenangan hidupku ini ye.
When I started doing  Premium Beautiful biz, what were my targets?
1. nak pakai set Premium Beautiful PERCUMA…TICKED
2. nak recover modal…TICKED, achieved within 2 weeks
3. nak paid off credit card debts (~17k++)…Alhamdulillah, settled dah hutang credit card
4. nak free travel ke Hong Kong for two…TICKED, and dapat qualified kan another 4 tixs for my biz partners juga
Then…. there’s not on the list
5. purchased of my first home, Saville @Melawati which costs me rm40k for deposit.
So, whats next?
6. maintain zero balance credit card while still enjoying nice food, nice clothes, pampering here n there etc…I require at least extra rm1.5k per month to do that. Ini tak kira raya..*sigh*
7. shopping money at Hong Kong, rm10k à dh ready. weehuuu..:)
8. Alhamdulillah rumah dah siap and I need $$$ for some reno and deco of master bedroom approx rm18k.
9. Build emergency fund, increase saving, investments...approx rm3k per month.
10. berbakti ke jalan Allah (cewah..) e.g. bagi parents/wedding gift/newborn gift/duit raya/help friends & families in need
So to simply answer Qs #1, NO, tak kaya duit ribu-ribu dlm bank and still far from it. But I’m not stress financially and I get to spend live as I wish without having to be secretive about my credit card balance financial status with my husband.
Q #2, Change car? Frankly, I don’t have enough cash to pay the deposit…..yet. And looking at necessity in life that keeps coming e.g. target #8 and #9, this might have to be put on hold just a lil while.
and Q #3, resign?? Why?? I don’t LOVE my job but I don’t HATE it too, I don’t remember bitching about it all the time (sometime yes la..who doesn’t?). Btw, it pays good money which could easily cover my bills. And it comes with epf and good medical benefits too (etho even if I resign I still could enjoy the medical benefit  on my husband’s account haha)..YES, memang ada plan to resign, even before starting this Premium Beautiful biz… just there is no rush to it. Currently, I’m ok with my job, I like my boss, I like my colleagues.
So that’s about it. I have my priorities (well, hannan will def alter the list and budget after he read this, aaahhh the joy of married life :p)
Anyhow, for someone yang started the biz with zero, actually minus and in deep shit..i’m content and happy yet still striving still for the best. Teruskan mendoakan kekayaan kejayaan Hane ye..:)

Friday, 20 May 2011

Saville @Melawati, my very own..!

Alhamdulillah.... is all i can say after Hannan successfully paksarela myself bought a service apartment. My first home! Oh my very own..! (bayar pun sendiri la ye..) 

My option for assets e.g. #1 Chanel handbag OR #2 Change to Continental Car was not even taken into consideration. there goes communication in relationship, pffftttt...

Yet, i am all excited now..(berkat dengar cakap suami..Amin) guess this asset will keep me excited until at least 2013, reading the progress of the house, decorating and renovating plan, check the current market price and some more many many many more years to pay for the mortgage + maintenance fee, pheww~ wish me luck!

Promo Poster
This is from the showroom..Type A

i bought type A..1253 sqft <3
the other not so cool type (joking..!!!) Type B and Type C
 and some more interesting info on Saville @ Melawati

#1 prefer KL-view..? prepare extra rm20k

#2 enjoy higher view? the price increase by rm2k for each level

Couple Seat, Extra RM4 for...

Wow..first time cuba try test couple seat ni last week..this seat sure soOoo comfy, and the privacy factors boleh membuatkan para muda mudi marah married couple macam kami sibuk nak beli seat ini.. tengok la siap ade penghadang kiri kanan annnnd in between seat kan ade space, haa...this couple seat siap ade macam headbord sekali..isk isk

memang selesa but among the romance killer 

No 1: i complaint tak cukup tempat nak letak food, 1 dh letak air, 1 dh letak sweetcorn, mana nak letak popcorn and air #2..? so instead of pegang tangan geli-geli, 1 tangan i pegang popcorn, 1 tangan i sumbat popcorn dalam mulut...rupa-rupa nya Ida kata boleh turunkan handrest kat tengah-tengah tu.ahaks. but i like my solution better..hehe

No 2: selesa..yesss...privacy yesss...these two factors la buatkan orang tu buat mcm rumah sendiri. kaki dengan selesanya naik atas kerusi landed atas peha bini dia juga..seb baik sejuk dalam cinema tu, kalau tak ade dh adegan buka baju pakai kain pelekat je :p

No 3: we watched Fast 5..OMG, best sangat cerita ni..!!! i did not blink and the popcorn keep pumping into my mouth.

So no time to geli sana-sini..ahaks..but after the movie ended, i thot, ooohh rugi RM4.."awak, gimme a kiss" and there went quick one on my lips

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Flavour of the month - Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees product finally in Malaysia..read so much good reviews about this brand in magazines before..so, last Thursday, when i saw Burt's Bees outlet in KLCC, i went ahead and "check" it out. 

Niat di hati nak beli moisturiser sahaja, but since hannan tgh asar..wahhh, i got 15 mins of shopping time all by myself so i did some speed shopping sebab nak dpt qualify membership. and now i have tons of membership card on my wallet. bleurghhh.. anyhow so far, am happy with the product, but i'll give details review later ok.

i'm thinking to try out their shampoos..

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Free Holiday to Hong Kong

Wah,bahang ke Hong Kong makin terasa~ Excited..!!!

Ini first time travel w package. So far best..haha, sebabbbb tak risau with itenaries, logistic, accomodation, food & ticket for sightseeing/parks e.g DISNEYLAND..!!

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Premium Beautiful, Welcome Biz Partners

Salam All,

Please welcome my new Premium Beautiful franchises.

SO untuk mendapatkan FREE personal measurement and fitting, boleh la call these PB experts near you..!

Shah Alam
Shafini @ 017 915 1121

Suraya @ 017 352 5254

Imma @ 012 580 1346

Dayabumi/Jalan Kuching
Ira @ 013 835 8585

Afzan @ 012 988 6535

do not hesitate to contact us ok..!! u deserve the best service for your money.

Hane @ 019 621 0521

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Premium Beautiful Testimonial - Body Shaping

YES, wearing Premium Beautiful will INSTANTLY re-shape your body
YES..continuosly wearing Premium Beautiful will retain the shape even after you take off the corset

thank you to my biz partner, Wafa & Mash for sharing this testimonials

+6019 6210521 | Hane Hassan | hanehas@gmail.com